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Because we care about what we make and
the impact it has on our planet, we design
recyclability into all our products. We are
moving toward 100% recycling within the
next generation. Take our Flatback+®.
It’s not just a smart addition to any kitchen,
it’s smarter for the planet too.


We care about the products we create and the impact they have on people and the planet.

Environmental Statement

Brabantia has ISO14001 certification for Environmental care and has high requirements on environmental issues. In this statement the supplier represents and warrants that all product and packaging deliveries to Brabantia meet the requirements mentioned in this questionnaire, which are based on both legal and Brabantia's environmental standards. Supplier Environmental Statement

Brabantia Declarations

The various European safety guidelines require all suppliers to set up a declaration of agreement for their products, which describes to what standards the products meet. This applies to products in contact with food, electronics and lighters.

Brabantia Declaration of Conformity:
- Brabantia products - general
- Brabantia kitchen scales
- Brabantia bathroom scales

Brabantia Declarations of Food Contact Compliance:
Brabantia food enjoyment
- Brabantia canisters
- Brabantia window canisters
- Brabantia bread bins
- Brabantia bread baskets & party plates
- Brabantia crockery
- Brabantia kitchen utensils - stainless steel
- Brabantia kitchen utensils - nylon
- Brabantia kitchen utensils - silicone
- Brabantia kitchen utensils - black nylon line
- Brabantia oil/vinegar bottle and salt/pepper mill/crusher
- Brabantia herb racks
- Brabantia kitchen organizers
- Brabantia kitchen scales
- Brabantia colander grey
- Brabantia products - general
Brabantia bathroom
- Brabantia bathroom cup with holder