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Postbox B500 - Matt Steel  


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Ease of use

  • Rainwater-proof flap - clean and dry mail
  • Suitable for large letters, catalogues, etc.
  • Large box size (XXL), no overfull postbox, not even after a few days
  • Noiseless by using noise-dampening materials
  • Weather resistant - made of high grade stainless steel
  • Slot opening on the top of the post box
  • Mail receptacle - letters cannot fall out when the postbox is opened
  • Safety lock with 2 coded keys (500 different combinations)
  • Corresponds to POST DIN NORM 32 617
  • Suitable for wall or pole mounting (Universal pole type U100/U200 is available separately)
  • Matching newspaper roll holder (type Z100) is available separately

Brabantia guarantee

5 Year

Article Number



    Height 47.2 cm

    Width 34.0 cm

    Depth 20.2 cm

Service Parts
Postbox B500 - Matt Steel