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Tablas para el desayuno

La forma más sencilla de servir el almuerzo o el desayuno.

4 artículos

Orden descendente
  1. Tabla Desayuno Forma Oval Roble Barnizado
    65,00 €
  2. Tabla Desayuno Forma Luna Nogal Barnizado
    95,00 €
  3. Tabla Desayuno Forma Marco XS Roble Barnizado
    45,00 €
    Disponible en 2 colores
  4. Breakfast Board Frame XS Oiled Walnut
    60,00 €
    Disponible en 2 colores


We are Dutchdeluxes!
We didn’t want to do plates. The ordinary stuff. We wanted to enhance food-sharing. Friends and family around the table. Large platter in the middle. Take your pick. And smooth up your bites with a fine glass of wine. We are passionate for fashion and cuisine, for celebrating life. We are setting a new standard in kitchen-life and hospitality. We bring an array of fashionable kitchenware. Products that come in natural materials and embrace traditions. With a shaping and styling that is undisputedly on edge. We are here to make you look good too!