Brabantia Ironing Board Cover - for faster ironing without water on your floor


The PerfectFlow ironing board cover is designed to deliver faster ironing results, whilst keeping garments dry and preventing unwanted water build-up on or near the board. The PerfectFlow ironing board cover delivers a superior ironing experience that's hassle free and saves time.

On the surface the PerfectFlow ironing board covers may seem like a simple replacement for conventional cotton ironing board covers, but the real innovation is inside. The first porous layer made of a special 3D textile is designed to improve steam flow, spreading the steam over a bigger surface to deliver faster and smoother ironing and preventing water-build up at the same time. The second layer is made from an absorbent material which catches any condensation that is left over, and the final water-proof layer keeps all the condensation inside. Due to the breathability of this special construction, any water captured inside will evaporate by itself.

This sandwich structure of layers improves the overall ironing performance by allowing steam to remove wrinkles effectively and seal the results with the heat of the soleplate.