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You may think "how did I end up in the Brabantia webstore; I searched for Dutchdeluxes? ".

Don't worry, your browser is okay. It's simply a result of joining forces! Since 2019, Brabantia Holding has held a majority share in Dutchdeluxes, which gives us the space to grow further and to continue to innovate with products that make life more beautiful, of the highest quality and with respect for people and animals. At the same time, we can make use of the knowledge and expertise of the Brabantia organization. For example, we have the opportunity to offer our articles through this web shop, they are packaged in a professional manner and shipped in all reliability. Stronger together ...

We wish you a lot of shopping happiness and a lot of pleasure with your purchase!

Team Dutchdeluxes

We are Dutchdeluxes! We didn’t want to do plates. The ordinary stuff. We wanted to enhance food-sharing. Friends and family around the table. Large platter in the middle. Take your pick. And smooth up your bites with a fine glass of wine. We are passionate for fashion and cuisine, for celebrating life. We are setting a new standard in kitchen-life and hospitality. We bring an array of fashionable kitchenware. Products that come in natural materials and embrace traditions. With a shaping and styling that is undisputedly on edge. We are here to make you look good too!