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4 tips to make recycling easy-peasy!

Many of us love to recycle and do our little bit for the environment but we all know how much of a chore it can be at times. Knowing which items can and can't be recycled, and what type of recycling it is, can be a minefield and usually ends up with a bit of guesswork (am I right?).

We have 4 simple tips to make saving the planet and giving ourselves a well-earned pat on the back, all the more fun... read on to find out!

Keep it clean 

Small amounts of food don't interfere with the recycling but having a messy bin does make the job much less pleasant. Clean out jars and cans before putting them in the recycling bin as this will help reduce any odour.

Colour code 

Not sure where your aluminium goes from your glass? Don't waste time separating your recycling because you throw it all in the same bin. It's simple to get several smaller bins and use a colour code to easily identify the right bin to put each item in: green for food waste, blue for glass, etc.

Recycle your greenery 

There is a way to bring new life to your vegetable peelings and leftovers, especially great if you or someone you know enjoys gardening. For recycling food waste, get small bio bin liners to put in your waste food bin as these are biodegradable and the entire bin including contents can be chucked onto the compost heap, ready to make fresh rich soil, great for planting with.

Reuse or give away 

The best method of recycling doesn't involve any bins. Use container, pots and jars as food storage, a place to keep small things like button and earbuds, or to plant some pretty flowers in. Pass old clothes onto people you know, or donate them to charity - one man's trash is another man's treasure, after all!

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