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A picnic in your own garden: what do you need?

Bourgeois, but oh so charming and loved: the picnic. Eating out, but not in a restaurant. No, with a picnic we eat on the ground, on a rug and you bring your own food. With a smile, we just load it all in the traditional picnic basket, cooler or shopping bag. Filled with loose ingredients smeared and rolled by hand into snacks and refreshments, on the rug, or ready meals and salads. Fact remains: proper preparation is half the job. Also with a picnic in the garden.

We embrace a good picnic

Sandwiches, fruit, drinks and snacks. Originally, a picnic was a lunch or brunch affair, but nowadays the concept of a 'picnic' goes so much further. Parties are organised, beer and wine are taken along and do-it-yourself high teas settle down on the picnic rug. Even the disposable barbecue is a popular item at a picnic. We see it as playful, cosy, intimate and informal.

From spills and mosquito bites to sunstroke and comfort

Checklist: a convenient, safe, hygienic and comfortable picnic

  • Napkins
  • Picnic rug. Please note: size matters. Consider the number of guests or family members
  • Games, toys or other types of entertainment. Tune this to the age of the company and the occasion
  • Music and music boxes
  • Extra clothes: cardigan, jacket, scarf or nice hoody
  • Flip-flops

Things you should definitely not do at a picnic in your own garden

  1. A picnic is not a neighbourhood party. Keep it small, subtle and- above all- fun.
  2. You're close to home, so just take the must-haves on the picnic rug. Plasters, insect sprays and other 'emergency' items can certainly be left inside the house.
  3. Leave your smartphone as far as possible aside during the picnic. Fine if the music is playing via your Spotify playlist.
  4. Do you have neighbours adjacent to your garden? Then please consider them. Don't make too much noise, put on some background music and don't let the smoke from your disposable barbecue blow too much into their garden.

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