Clever kitchen storage solutions

Great kitchen storage means a place for everything and everything in its place! Make your kitchen work harder with these clever stylish kitchen storage ideas.

Look up!

How much wasted space do you have above windows and on walls? Floating shelves and cabinets can make a world of difference to your kitchen by giving you the extra space you need to store things you don’t often use.


Old storage crates (fruit, wine, champagne) are great to keep kitchen items in. You can find them in second-hand stores really cheaply. They look great mounted on walls as a focus point, or they can be stacked in a cupboard.


Make a statement with jars and canisters to store cereals, biscuits, tea, coffee… everything! Stackable containers are a fantastic storage solution – they save space and you can see their contents easily. With the vast choice of shapes and sizes available, there’s a storage container for everything.

Plate rack

A wall-mounted plate rack frees up cupboard space. Store chopping boards and trays here too.

Magazine rack

Keep recipe books, magazines and those food ideas you’ve printed off the internet in magazine racks. This’ll keep them neat and tidy and all in one place.

Sink organiser

A sink organiser holds all your washing-up accessories together and keeps the sink clean too. Use it to store the washing-up brush, liquid, dish cloths and cleaning pads.


Ladders have become a quirky decor item recently, as well as a smart storage accessory for the kitchen. Mount or lean a ladder on the wall and use it to hang towels, dishcloths, utensils and even saucepans.

Ceiling rack

A hanging ceiling rack is a great place to keep your pots and pans and show them off too. Even the smallest kitchen can make use of this clever storage solution.

Under-sink organiser

A couple of these under your kitchen sink will make a world of difference to your cleaning product storage. We love the sliding basket versions or just choose simple racks to create shelves. These work well in kitchen cupboards too.


A trolley is a handy solution for extra storage. It'll also give you more valuable worktop space.

All it takes is a little planning to get your kitchen storage under control.

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