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Flowers for our birthday

We’re bringing back our seventies hit: the iconic Patrice print.

In 2019, we are celebrating our 100th birthday, and what better way to celebrate than by bringing back our absolute seventies hit: the Patrice print. The iconic print with brown and cyclamen flowers on an orange backdrop was created by our designer Patricia van Uden in 1969. Did you know she cut the original flowers from paper by hand, giving the design its unique artisan touch?

Everybody loves Patrice
We loved the design from the first moment - and so did the rest of the world. Around 5,000,000 Patrice pedal bins alone were sold in the 10 years we used the print! And then there were Patrice canisters, bread bins, and many more items. It is safe to say that Patrice was a true seventies icon.

Live bold, live retro
The iconic Patrice flower print now springs back to life on our most popular products of today. Like the Pedal Bin newIcon, and of course the next Brabantia supermodel Bo Touch Bin. Also dressed in Patrice is the Roll Top Bread Bin and of course a 1.4L Canister. Great news for retro lovers!

Find out what else we’re doing to celebrate our 100th birthday or leave your Patrice-memory on Instagram with #BrabantiaPatrice.