Holiday packing list

The only holiday packing list you’ll ever need!

Are you a seasoned traveller or a first-time holidaymaker? Whether you’re skiing in the Alps, taking a tropical beach holiday, a city break or a mountain hiking trip we’ve put together the ultimate guide to what to pack for your holiday. Follow our list of holiday essentials for stress-free packing!

Important stuff

These are the things that you mustn’t forget:

  • passport/visa
  • tickets/boarding pass
  • medication
  • mobile phone
  • driving licence (if you’re hiring a car or driving abroad)
  • money/bank cards
  • medical insurance documents

It’s worth investing in good quality luggage that will last you for years to come. Bags and suitcases can take a bit of a battering when travelling. The better the quality the more protected your stuff will be.


Besides clothes there are the extras you’ll need to complete your holiday. Again, this depends on the climate and type of holiday. Allow room for:

  • gadgets and chargers
  • earphones
  • MP3 player
  • portable speakers
  • camera (not everyone uses their phone!)
  • hair dryer
  • sunglasses/reading glasses
  • beach bag
  • make-up
  • accessories – belts, scarfs
  • jewellery (no valuables)
  • book (paper or electronic)
  • toiletries (check what the airline you’re flying with allows you to take – it's often easier to buy these at your destination)
  • sun protection

Most hotels and accommodation will supply towels, so you shouldn't need to use up valuable space with these.


Wear your heaviest clothes and put the rest in your case. Follow the golden rule of laying out everything then reducing what you think you need by a third. And roll, don't fold, which saves space.

Depending on where you’re going you’ll need:

  • tops/t-shirts
  • skirts/trousers/jeans
  • dresses
  • shorts
  • smart outfits
  • cardigan/jumper
  • underwear
  • socks
  • jacket/coat
  • beachwear
  • nightwear
  • shoes/sandals/boots/heels/trainers/flip flops
  • hat

Layering is the secret to holiday packing. You can mix and match vests, t-shirts and tops to create several different outfits.
Remember, no matter how much you want to take that special ‘going out’ dress or new shirt you’re not likely to wear it often. You can still be stylish on holiday with a few basics. And you want to leave room for presents and souvenirs!

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