Start folding today

How to fold your clothes to save space

Everybody's doing it these days – folding and rolling everything they can get their hands on, from trousers and t-shirts to bedding. Why? Well, aside from the advice of a certain Japanese lady who claims tidying will transform our lives, folding saves space!

Start folding today! Not only will your clothes be neat and tidy but you'll gain an incredible amount of space too.

And if you're going to fold you’ll need to do it correctly. The standard style of folding most of us have used over the years creates creases. There’s nothing worse than taking something out of the drawer to find it has sharp lines down the front and you have to iron it again before you can wear it.

We’ll teach you how to fold and lead a crease-free life!

Let’s start with trousers, jeans and shorts. Lay them flat and position one leg on top of the other. Hold at the waist and roll – there won´t be a crease in sight!

T-shirts, tops and dresses can all be folded in the same way. Lay flat again and fold the sleeves inwards. Then fold the two outside sections in on themselves so you have a long ‘sausage’ shape. Next, roll the whole item and it’s ready to be stored. Skirts follow a similar principle but without the sleeve tucking part.

Socks should be folded as tucking them together stretches the cuffs. Lay the pair on top of each other and depending on whether you have short or long socks fold in half or thirds. Then roll and store. Do the same for tights and leggings.

Once you’ve tried this folding method we think you'll become obsessed. Even to the point of folding your pants or knickers in this way. And why not? You’ll never have to root around in your underwear drawer for that special pair of smalls again.

When you’ve folded items store them upright in drawers or on wardrobe shelves. This space-saving method will free up loads of room. Use drawer dividers to keep things in place.

What will you do with all that extra space? Maybe go shopping?!

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