Staying at home and clean beats a night out for Brits

At Brabantia, we always try to find the lighter side of household tasks, enjoy the doing. And what do you know, half of the younger Brits strongly agree that cleaning their home is better than going to the pub!

We love to clean
We did some research and found out that lots rather stay at home and clean, than go to the pub. Chores like the laundry, decluttering and mopping the floor are mood-boosters for more than 75% of people. More than half of Britain said a night cleaning the house and folding laundry is better than a drinking session. Now, that’s a fresh look on the ol’ night on the tiles!

"Hanging laundry outside is Britain’s favourite household task"

Happy cleaning
Especially millenials seem to know how to enjoy the doing and to share the fun.. Almost 40% of them have posted pictures of their cleaning on social media. Hanging laundry outside is Britain’s favourite household task. Hovering and folding clean washing come in second and third. This research further revealed that over 75% of the Brits report a sense of ‘wellbeing and calm’ after cleaning and organising.


Britains 9 favourite chores - What is your favourite?
Hanging out the washing – 27.9%
Hoovering – 27.5%
Folding clean washing – 25.6%
Mowing the lawn – 25%
Doing the washing up – 22.8%
Mopping the Floor – 17%
Dusting – 12.9%
Cleaning windows – 11.9%
Power Hosing the patio – 10.7%

We believe our smart and beautiful products from our laundry collection can make even a bigger mood-booster out of laundry days. Why not give them a try?

Source: Survey of 2000 people by research company 3GEM, conducted May 2019

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