The ultimate guide to storing your clothes

Clever clothes storage is all about maximising the space you’ve got. Whether you have the luxury of a walk-in wardrobe or no wardrobe at all, we´ll show you some great ideas for clothes storage.

Before you store your clothes, either for winter or summer or for future use, make sure they´re clean and dry. Damp clothes will go mouldy in no time. And who wants to drag out their favourite jumper next winter to find it´s got a stain on the front?

Sort clothes into categories so that they’re easy to find. Categorise by t-shirts, jeans, trousers, skirts, suits, dresses, coats, jackets, beachwear, tops and jumpers. You could even go one step further and separate by smart and casual use.

Next, think about where you´re going to store things. Invest in a set of storage boxes to keep things organised. Don´t use plastic boxes as clothes need to breathe to protect the fibres. Use high up spaces in cupboards and wardrobes for things you won´t need often.

If storing clothes in the garage make sure they´re in a damp-free location and check them occasionally for mould.

Keep accessories such as belts, scarfs, hats, gloves and bags in a drawer or lidded box.

Stackable laundry boxes are great for clothes storage – just make sure you put a list of what´s inside under the lid.

We all know the trick of rolling, not folding when you pack your holiday suitcase. The same goes for clothes storage. When you pack your clothes away roll them to save on space and avoid creases.

Don´t store jumpers on hangers as they’ll get those unsightly ‘bumps’ in the shoulders – always store them flat.

Use clothes covers to protect your more expensive suits, jackets and special dresses from dust.

If you´re going to store children’s clothes, do so by age and boy/girl. Label the boxes too in case you need that red t-shirt for the Christmas play or a particular pair of trousers for dressing up. Believe us – you´ll never remember where you’ve stored them!

And finally, don´t forget shoe storage. Keep shoe boxes when you buy new shoes and keep the shoes you don´t wear often in them.

Label the boxes so you can find that pair of killer heels in an instant!

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