Three steps towards a more sustainable wardrobe

A more sustainable wardrobe in 1, 2, 3…
Spring-cleaning? A great time to re-organise your wardrobe and make it more sustainable in the process. Earlier, we wrote about an organised closet. Now we share the steps to take to create (and manage!) a fashion collection that is better for the planet.

Fast fashion fails

Fashion is just a click away and always on our fingertips. Webshops, magazines and stores are filled with great looking, cheap items, just begging you to take them home. But that fast fashion often means poorly made and poor quality products, that you will probably only be able to wear a few times before their looks fade. And then they just clog your closet or end up on landfills. So those cheap, easy buys are actually a bad bargain. Time to make a change!


The first step towards a sustainable wardrobe is sorting. Review your wardrobe and think about what items you really love and which ones you actually don’t wear often (enough). Only keep the items that give you a spark of joy, as Marie Kondo teaches us. Bring the rest to a thrift shop, recycle them or sell them.

Keep your clothes good for as long as possible

Buying with intention

Cleared some space in your closet? Then you can start thinking about what you miss. A really good step towards a sustainable and lasting wardrobe is buying clothing with intention. In other words: think before you buy. This way you can make smarter shopping decisions, saving money and the planet in the process.

So, every time you are on the verge of buying an item, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want it because it is a trend or because you need a certain piece that you miss in your wardrobe?
  • What wardrobe-problem do you solve when you buy the item?
  • How can you wear the item with your current pieces?

This helps you making decisions when expanding your wardrobe, and buying clothes that you will actually wear.

Invest in the future

Fair and sustainable clothing often seems pricier than fast fashion. But it can really be worth it to invest in high quality products that last longer or can even be sold or passed on for a second round. This way the price-per-wear can be less than that of cheap clothes that you wear only a few times.

Does your budget not allow for big investments? Remember there are a lot of beautiful pre-loved items for sale when you know where to look for it.

Tips for a sustainable wardrobe

  • Are you going to wear the piece only once or twice? Think about borrowing or renting it. Much cheaper and better for the planet.
  • Pick versatile pieces that can be styled or even worn in different ways.
  • Want new clothes, but don’t have the money? Revive the old! 
  • Keep your clothes good for as long as possible, with these handy tips

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