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01. What payment methods can I use?

Currently, the following payment methods are supported:

  • - All countries: Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • - Belgium: Mr.Cash, Maestro, KBC PAY Button, ING Home'Pay
  • - Germany: Sofortüberweisung, Elektronisches Lastschriftverfahren / ELV, Klarna Rechnung
  • - Great Britain: Maestro
  • - Netherlands: iDEAL, Klarna Factuur
02. How is the VAT rate calculated?

All Brabantia products purchased through are shipped from our central warehouse facility in Overpelt, Belgium. Therefore we are obliged to calculate the Belgian VATrate of 21% on all sales, except for the countries where the total sales amount exceeds the threshold as determined by the European Union.

03. What or who is DocData Payments / Tripledeal?

DocData Payments is a so-called Payment Service Provider (PSP) and is our partner of choice for processing all payments on the Brabantia website. Using the services of DocData Payments we are able to offer you a wide range of different payment options including a variety of different credit cards, online wallets and online banking payments. Some payment methods use the Tripledeal-platform, which is part of DocData Payments. Therefore you might see the name Tripledeal appear in the URL while making your payment.

04. What or who is the “Stichting Foundation Docdata Payments”?

On your credit card statement or bank account overview you might see the name “Stichting Foundation Docdata Payments” on behalf of Brabantia. All money from our customers, paid with the payment services of DocData Payments, is received in a Foundation for Third Party Funds account. This guarantees that the funds are always "secure" at any given time, should the limited company inadvertently run into financial difficulties. The management of DocData Payments is separate from the board of the Stichting Foundation DocData Payments.

05. Is my online payment secure?

The payment platform of DocData Payments is fully secure; it meets all the industry standards for online payment transfers. The Payment Card industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an accreditation, enforced by Visa and Mastercard, for which DocData Payment is audited annually. These guidelines ensure that all credit card details are securely processed and stored. The "Payment Services Directive", in short PSD, is a directive issued by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union and provides for the harmonization of the internal market for payment services. It is important to know that DocData Payments is supervised by the Dutch National Bank ('De Nederlandsche Bank') and as such is recognized by an independent institute/body as 'qualified'.

06. Why is my credit card payment not accepted?

Due to privacy restrictions, we will not be able to tell you why our payment service provider or your credit company has refused to process your payment. We simply don't have access to those details about you and your credit card status. However, we would like to give you the most common reasons for credit card payment being refused:

  • - The maximum credit on the card is exceeded
  • - The name on your credit card is different from the name you have entered
  • - The credit card is registered at a different address than the billing address of your sales order
  • - The card is temporarily blocked after multiple failed payment attempts
  • - The 3D secure check (e.g. 'Verified by Visa', 'MasterCard SecureCode' and 'American Express SafeKey') was not successful
07. What is 'Verified by VISA', 'MasterCard SecureCode' and 'American Express SafeKey'?

To improve the security of internet payments and protect its customers against credit card theft, the credit card companies have introduced a so-called '3-D Secure' check. 3-D Secure adds an authentication step for online payments: after you have filled-in your credit card for making your payment, you will be automatically forwarded to the website of your credit card company. There you have to authenticate yourself. This differs per credit card company and per country, but in most cases you will need a password or a code you receive per SMS on your mobile phone to authenticate your payment. If you don't pass this check, your payment will be  cancelled and your sales order will not be processed. If you need more information about the 3-D Secure check, please contact your bank  or credit card company.

More information from: Visa | Mastercard | American Express

08. Can I pay in instalments?

No, Brabantia has no programme in place for paying in instalments.