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It's time to learn how to cook perfect veg

What’s the ideal vegetable cooking time for broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and all the other delicious vegetables available to complement most dishes, from a traditional roast, to a heartwarming stew or a light summer chicken recipe? Every vegetable has its own individual cooking time and whether you’re a steamer or a boiler we’ve listed the perfect vegetable cooking time for all the popular veggies.

This guide is for cooking times for fresh vegetables (you´ll find frozen cooking times on the packet!), and with all the vegetable boiling times, bring to the boil then simmer.


Green beans
For green beans cooked to perfection:

Steam: 10-12 minutes
Boil: 6-8 minutes

There’s nothing worse than soggy broccoli, but not with these timings:

Steam: 10-12 minutes
Boil 4-6 minutes

Brussels sprouts
Whether for the Christmas table or at any time of year, the correct cooking time is essential for delicious Brussels sprouts:

Steam: 8-12 minutes
Boil: 5-7 minutes

Carrots need to be served crisp and tender, here´s how:

Steam: 8-12 minutes
Boil: 7-10 minutes

To cook cauliflower just right:

Steam: 8-12
Boil: 4-6

The perfect cooking time for tasty, succulent peas is:

Steam: 4-5 minutes
Boil: 5-5 minutes

Shred, then follow these times to guarantee great tasting cabbage every time:

Steam: 5-8 minutes
Boil: 6-10 minutes

Potatoes are simple to cook if you follow these potato cooking times, whether you´re making roast, boiled or mashed potatoes (for small or cut potatoes approx. 3cm in diameter):

Steam: 10-12 minutes
Boil: 15-20 minutes

Spinach cooking time is minimal and it reduces substantially so make sure you cook enough:

Steam: 5-6 minutes
Boil: 2-5 minutes

Bon appétit!

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