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4 essential washing tips everyone should know

Sometimes you get a tip of which you think later: "I wish I had known that before." The four laundry tips below, certainly fall in this category!


Less washing is not only better for the environment, it is also better for your clothes and your budget. Postponing washing is simple:

  • Apply your deodorant and perfume before you get dressed, and not afterwards.
  • Hang up your clothes to air as soon as you get home from work.
  • Buy a textile refresher spray that will let your clothes smell fresh again.


  • hang your clothes
  • washing bags
  • bra washing bag
  • shoes and socks bag



Reduce the risk of hooking and snagging: close zips, buttons and hooks. Use washing bags for bras and other fragile items.

Do you also seem to always lose the odd sock in the wash? Keep socks together. Collect dirty socks together in a mesh bag. On laundry days, simply close the bag and pop it all in the washing machine. This way, they can't go missing!


Use different bins, baskets or bags to separate your coloured, white, or mixed washing straight away. If you opt for a smart solution (e.g. a divided laundry basket or stackable washing boxes) it doesn't need to take up a lot of space. On laundry day, everything is already sorted, very useful!


  • laundry boxes
  • selector
  • smart pegs



Keep a bag with washing pegs in your laundry room. Any stained clothing requiring special laundry attention is marked with a washing peg, so you will remember before you place them in the washing machine.