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How to wash a duvet

A well-maintained duvet can last eight to ten years. But how do you maintain a duvet? How do you keep a duvet clean? Is regular airing enough? Can you wash a duvet? And if so, then how do you dry it?


During the night, we lose quite a bit of moisture that is absorbed by the sheets and the duvet. With airing, we keep the sheets and the duvet fresh for a few days. The bedding can then be washed. Washing a duvet often is not such a good idea, because it wears quicker if washed often. The current generation of dryers have a refresher function, so the duvet can be refreshed in the tumble dryer every now and then, just read the duvet label beforehand to see if it can go in the dryer. But... with airing and freshening, you're not there yet. In time, a duvet needs a more thorough cleaning.


The answer is yes, that is to say, most duvets can go in the washing machine.
The larger the drum the better. If the duvet is crammed in, it cannot be cleaned equally and dry cleaning offers an outcome. Check the label to see what is the best way to clean the duvet. There are different types of duvets, all of which have their own cleaning directions.

One more tip: use a soft detergent for washing a duvet, or a special detergent for duvets.


The duvet is washed, but how do you dry it?
You can see on the label whether it may go in the dryer. If you still have doubts, rather opt for drying in the open air. Drying outside is an excellent option, however, avoid full sun. Don't hang the duvet folded double. If it can't be helped, turn the duvet every now and then while drying. Fluff up a down duvet every now and then so the feathers can separate from each other.
Once dry, the duvet can be used again, wrapped in a freshly laundered duvet cover, and your bed is ready for a lovely night's sleep again.

Sweet dreams!

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