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How to combat plastic pollution

Firstly, what does plastic pollution even mean? This term refers to the accumulation of plastic around the world, that has not been recycled but has gathered in a particular area and is having a negative impact on the natural environment. Plastic can create a vast array of problems due to its toxic constituent parts. The things that make it so useful to humans are also harmful to the environment, as it's made for durability and is not biodegradable.

  • plastic pollution



It's most detrimental to plants, animals and sea-life. Whether it's large plastic objects such as milk and water bottles, and plastic bags that animals often get trapped in, or smaller types of plastic, such as glitter and micro-beads, plastic has a detrimental effect on the food chain.


Bag for life.
Take a cloth bag, or 'bag for life' when you go shopping, to lessen the impact of plastic bags and hopefully reduce the demand for producing them.

Recycle religiously.
If plastic isn't recycled it gets sent to landfill and when it is burnt it releases toxins into the atmosphere that could be harmful to humans, as well as animals. If plastic comes into contact with water, it forms hazardous chemicals which then seep into our water supply, adding to the risk of plastic being dumped in landfill sites instead of being recycled.


Plastic is so useful to us, but it's everywhere and it is being overused. This is why even with the implementation of recycling, vast quantities are still going to landfill, and therefore being exposed to the environment causing air and land pollution.

Try to become aware of which products are recyclable and buy biodegradable (non-plastic) packaged items where possible. Society as a whole could take more responsibility for this giant problem by participating in coastal clean-ups, local town clean-ups and generally help to remove plastic if it's seen littered.

This problem won't go away over night but if the world works together it's possible to lessen the impact of plastic pollution and lessen the chances of it getting worse in the future.