10 ironing accessories that make ironing easier

Ironing: probably not your favourite part of the household. No matter how you see ironing, it's always nice when chores in and around the house can be made easy, right? That's why, just for you: 10 accessories that make ironing easier!

So you have time for other things

1. Ironing board cover

The ironing board cover is the most important part of ironing. Without a solid ironing board cover, you just can't do ironing. Please note, there are different ironing board covers. Not only in terms of design, but also in use, function and sizes.

Extra tips: Are you also annoyed by the condensation on the ironing board, or those puddles on the floor?  Check out the PerfectFlow ironing board cover. Do you barely have time to iron? Then go for an ironing board cover with faster ironing results.

2. Base layer of felt

If you want to keep your ironing board cover in good condition for as long as possible, a felt layer under the ironing board cover is the perfect solution. The felt layer ensures faster and better ironing results. The felt also absorbs steam, which prevents water on the floor.

3. Ironing cloth

Have you ever used an ironing cloth during ironing? An ironing cloth is a transparent layer between your iron and the laundry. It ensures greater protection of vulnerable fabrics. It also prevents shiny spots on your favourite piece of clothing.

4. Ironing set holder

We often have our 'ironing spot' in the attic or in the guest room. Understandable, because an ironing board and iron can take up quite a bit of space. But did you know there are also handy ironing set holders? You can hang an ironing set holder on the wall, and easily store the ironing board and your (hot) iron in it.

5. Protective iron cover

Your iron, read: the so-called iron base - can last for quite a few years. So, use a protective iron cover. The cover is heat-resistant and can therefore be attached directly to the (hot) iron. Thanks to adjustable Velcro, a protective iron cover is also suitable for any iron.

6. Cord guide

During ironing, you take the heat of the iron into account, but your iron cord can also be dangerous. So, don't forget to buy a cord guide. The cord guide ensures that you do not trip over your iron cord.

  1. Protective Ironing Cloth 40 x 60 cm - White
    Protective Ironing Cloth 40 x 60 cm - White
  2. Underlay One Size 135 x 49 cm, Felt - White
    Underlay One Size 135 x 49 cm, Felt - White
  3. Iron Store Cool Grey
    Iron Store Cool Grey
  4. Iron Cover Heat Resistant - Mint
    Iron Cover Heat Resistant - Mint
  5. Flex Guide Dark Grey
    Flex Guide Dark Grey

7. Folding board

The folding board is the ideal help to simplify folding clothes. There are handy folding instructions for efficiently folding blouses and shirts on the front and back of the folding board. The board also has a nice storage hook.

8. Cover tighteners

Do you have an ironing board cover that's not quite right and tight around your ironing board? No problem: cover tighteners are just what you need. Easy to attach with clamps and for universal use.

9. Sleeve board

The sleeves of your clothes are easy to iron, but there is never room for it on the ironing board. Fortunately, there is the sleeve board, a great extension of your ironing board. Even better, it's collapsible.

10. Clothes hangers

The finishing touch after ironing, clothing hangers. Hang your clothes after ironing and before folding, so they don't wrinkle.

So you see again, ironing can always be done easier and safer. Which accessories seem ideal to you?

Simplify housekeeping

  1. Aluminium Clothes Hangers Set of 4 - Silver
    Aluminium Clothes Hangers Set of 4 - Silver
  2. Aluminium Clothes Hangers Set of 4 - Black
    Aluminium Clothes Hangers Set of 4 - Black
  3. Sleeve Board 60 x 10 cm - Ecru
    Sleeve Board 60 x 10 cm - Ecru
  4. Folding Board Mint
    Folding Board Mint

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