5 books to read for a peaceful mind

Life tends to be pretty busy. We are involved in our careers, taking care of the family, maintaining friendships and the household. But how do you attain peace when a million things are happening at once? While some find peace of mind in exercise or painting, I find it reading books.

The act of reading is wonderfully relaxing in itself, cosily nestled on the couch with a rug and a cup of tea. But when the relaxed feeling from turning pages is not enough, consider reading a book whose subject will help you find the inner peace you need. A good book can transport you to another world and provide distraction from daily reality. But don't go for an exciting page-turner, because that drives you to keep on reading and so miss out on your night's sleep. Instead, opt for inspiring reading matter.

Tip: Read in the evening before going to sleep, and drift into slumber feeling nicely Zen.

1. Wellth: How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a Résumé – Jason Wachob
There is no all-encompassing definition for a 'good existence'. Yet with this book, Jason Wachob aims to guide you on your personal journey. The emphasis is on experiences rather than careers. A 'rich' life is a life full of new experiences, people and positive thoughts instead of 'rich' as in heaps of money.

2. Stronger than ever - Brené Brown
It's not always easy to live a courageous life. It's inevitable that we will eventually stumble. But how do you rise strong again after a fall? Brené Brown's book describes this process. She is known for her strong TED Talk about the power of vulnerability.

3. The flow of happiness - Emma Seppälä
Everyone wants to be happy and successful. And yet this is elusive for many people. According to Emma Seppälä, happiness is not the outcome of success, but its very basis. In this book, she explains how you can use the science of happiness for lasting success in your life.

4. Ikigai - Héctor García
According to Japanese tradition, everyone has an Ikigai, a reason for existence. It is one of the secrets of a long, happy and healthy life, such that led by the people of Okinawa. This Japanese island is home to more healthy and active centenarians than anywhere else in the world.
This book makes you consider what is really important, instead of what is urgent. A beautiful and extraordinary insight! The beautiful cover is already a reason to want this gem in your bookcase.

5. A Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind - Shoukei Matsumoto
In this Japanese best seller, a Buddhist monk explains how to change your daily routine with a few simple changes. The result? A calmer and cleaner home, but you also feel - if all goes well - refreshed, happier and more satisfied. Definitely worth a try!

Happy reading!


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Tedje van Gils

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Tedje van Gils is a freelance content creator and editor. She is passionate about films, TV shows and books, and loves being in the kitchen. She also enjoys going to festivals and concerts, and wants to explore the world.

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