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A fresh look at outdoor drying

The smell of naturally dried sheets was voted the most satisfying household scent in Britain. Nearly 30% of the nation loves the whiff of fresh laundry even better than scented candles and furniture polish.

We hope everyone gets outside and dries their laundry in the sun this weekend. It’s better for the environment and, according to our research, it’s satisfying too. Lots of benefits including an unbeatable scent and softness coupled with a healthy dose of vitamin D.

6 reasons for line drying

  • The fresh scent is like no other! And no harsh chemicals needed
  • Saves energy and reduces indoor air pollution at home
  • Tumble-drying isn’t advised for many clothes and can contribute to the clothes. A reduction in quality – Natural Drying will preserve many items for longer
  • The sun has a natural, and subtle bleaching effect on whites
  • The wind is a natural fabric softener. So less wrinkles & less ironing
  • Makes you think about your childhood summers
  • You get some fresh air too!

The dryer for you

#Enjoythedoing and give your washing days a turn for the better. Dry your laundry outside with one of the handy Brabantia Rotary Dryers. With the Topspinner dryer you do not have to move when hanging, the line spins for you. The Lift-O-Matic range is adjustable to your ideal working height. Our Essential range takes up very little space in your garden and for our super space saving Wallfix dryers you don’t even need a garden; A balcony will do!

Dry facts on Brabantia Rotary Dryers:

  • All dryers are weather resistant and stable
  • Lines are extra taut
  • Each line can comfortably hold at least one family wash / large load from the washing machine
  • All rotaries come)with a 5-year guarantee
  • When you buy a Brabantia rotary dryer, you support WeForest, a sustainable forest initiative which has to date been responsible for planting over 10 million trees (More than 1.5 million of those being planted by Brabantia!).

Source: Survey of 2000 people by research company 3GEM, conducted May 2019

  1. Rotary Dryer Topspinner 50 metre, with Ground Spike, Ø 45 mm - Anthracite
  2. Rotary Dryer Lift-O-Matic 50 metre, with Ground Spike, Ø 45 mm - Anthracite
  3. WallFix Dryer 24 metres, with Storage Box
  4. Rotary Dryer Lift-O-Matic Advance 60 metre, with Concrete Tube, Cover & Peg Bag, Ø 50 mm - Metallic Grey
  5. Rotary Essential 50 metres, with Ground Tube, Ø 35 mm - Metallic Grey