Are you household recycling?

Nowadays it´s easy to recycle your household waste with many rubbish collection containers available. Whether you choose containers from your local council or to buy a more stylish option to complement your home, household recycling will help protect the future of our precious world.

It’s easy to turn an unused space in your kitchen, utility or outside into a smart household recycling area and do your bit for the environment.


Recycling plastic household waste is important because it doesn´t break down. Here’s a quick guide to the different types of plastic and what they’re used for as not all can be recycled. Stop and think next time you buy something plastic – which of these is it made of and can it be recycled?

1. PET – recyclable and commonly used in drinks bottles.
2. HDPE – recyclable and used in stiffer plastic products such as toiletry bottles, toys and milk bottles.
3. LDPE – sometimes recycled but not commonly. Often used for clothing bags, squeezy bottles and shrink wrap.
4. PS – can be recycled and is used for Styrofoam cups, plastic cutlery, packaging and laminate flooring.
5. PP – not usually recycled and used in drinks cartons, nappies, straws and packing tape.
6. PVC – non-recyclable and can be toxic. Used in food wrap, toys, plastic bags and many other everyday products.
7. Other plastics – a category containing all other plastics which are usually not recyclable.


Paper is easy to recycle and doesn´t make a mess like food product packaging. All paper should be part of your household recycling, including newspapers, magazines, letters, envelopes, wrapping paper and cardboard. Why not use your wastepaper bin for what it´s meant for – paper?


Recycling household glass jars and bottles is easy. With a stylish separating bin you can sort by colour, which helps the recycling companies. Take a minute to wash all your glass before putting it in the household recycling, to avoid mess and build-up of foodstuffs.


Household recycling should also include all your aluminium and steel metal cans, tins and aerosols. These are easy to store in a separate container and some you can squash too – it’s great fun jumping on the drinks cans!

Suitable storage is key to successful household recycling and with a little organisation you’ll be eco-friendly and save time.

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