From a tidy house to a tidy mind

Do you feel restless when surrounded by mess and a house in chaos? That's not so strange, because you're continuously being stimulated to do something with all that stuff. They're also things that don't make you happy, and that makes you unhappy. Your thoughts fly from one item to another, and that's what causes the restless feeling. If you choose to tidy up a bit, you literally recreate space and structure. Not only in the house, but also in your mind!

Tidying up has a great effect on our mood and attitude. Once you've scratched the tidying itch, you'll not only benefit from a lighter and more spacious house, but you'll also breathe more easily. It is literally a release for yourself and the house to get rid of unnecessary things. Don't just tidy up in-between, because that changes nothing. That's the biggest trap many people fall into. Choose instead to tackle it thoroughly, and then focus on what you have and what makes you happy. In this scenario, the superfluous things automatically do not belong there any more.

"This orderly environment gives peace of mind"

Make room for happy makers

You can pay more attention to what you do have, and emphasize these 'happy makers'. Give the things that make you happy a prominent place so you can look at them every day and get in touch with them. Avoid having heaps of things in the house that you never look at, and instead make room for more happy moments. This orderly environment gives peace of mind. You can then focus on what feels good and make your house a home. Recharge, enjoy and relax with a tidy house and a tidy mind. Enjoy the end result and the path to it!

Tidying guru Marie Kondo
We have so many things that we often can't even find what we really need. Do you already know the KonMari method of tidying guru Marie Kondo? Minimizing is central, and you keep the things that make you happy. Start by setting a clear goal. Why do you want to tidy up? Make it as concrete as possible for yourself, so that you're more motivated to get to work on cleaning up. Maybe you want more space to recharge, or you want fewer distracting stimuli. Whatever your goal, tidying up does takes time, but it delivers even more time. For example, you no longer have to search for things you can't find. If there's less stuff and clutter collected around the house, you can also complete the housework faster, and it costs less energy! Tidying up is Marie Kondo's best seller, but if you like TV series more, you can now also enjoy Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix.


Fuelling the tidying-up itch
Hating tidying up costs you a lot of (negative) energy that you can much better invest in loved ones and yourself, but also in making the space even more pleasant. And that's exactly why cleaning up can give such a nice feeling for the future: you create more space and calm for what feels good. For example, reward yourself with fresh flowers and a scented candle that you light after a good tidy-up session. We are getting better and better at ignoring mess, while it keeps piling up until we can't avoid it any more. Moving mountains makes no sense, but tidying them away does.

Do you feel calmer after a good tidy-up session?

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Dagmar Valerie

Freelance content creator & lifecoach

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