Grow it yourself with the Regrow kit

Life is made so easy for us. So why do we still have the urge to plant our own plants and vegetables? It is about time we talked to one of our product developers with a passion for everything that grows and blossoms: Francis.

"Life has always revolved around eating. Hunter-gatherers spent all their days doing it and eating also played a major role in the lives of farmers", said Francis. “For millennia, humans have been spending almost all of their time eating. That has changed a lot during the past five centuries. Where approximately 75 percent of people worked in agriculture daily about 500 years ago, only a small percent still do currently. Something that was part of humans for thousands of years cannot disappear within a few hundred years. That is why so many people still have the urge to grow their own plants and vegetables."

A time to take a  break

"Growing plants forces you to experience time. Plants are not part of the fast-forward lifestyle taking place around them. It is a time to rest, where you can check every day how little progress was made. The satisfaction experienced by the slowness of eating plants that you grew yourself, in all aspects surpasses that of shop-bought goods. Almost as if a part of you is nestled within the plant. And that is indeed so. The CO² that you breathe out is used by the plant to grow.”

"We are even going to look at the chemical side. The plant uses the C's but does not really need the O² and releases it again. We call the O²s oxygen, and this is what makes us feel more energetic. With the Regrow kit you create an eco system in your kitchen where you and your trimmings can live in a symbiosis. But, up to now we have only looked at the spiritual and scientific part. Naturally, you also need to enjoy it. Did you know that there are some waste products that you can use to grow new vegetables?"

Practical tips

- Place the Regrow kit in a sunny spot
- Regularly replace the water
- Give the plants a bit of love: even talk to them!


Plants are not part of the fast-forward lifestyle taking place around them.


"You can also do a bunch of things with the re-growth waste products. Sometimes it is slightly difficult to imagine it, but it is true! Think for example about  carrot tops pesto, beetroot leaves soup or artichoke shoots pasta. Do you want something easier? Go for spring onion, celery or scallion, like our blogger Femke also tried in her experiment with the Regrow kit. You can also regrow sweet potato, pineapple, ginger and even avocado with the regrow kit. Wasting is a sin!"

Pre-growing indoor plants

"Naturally you must not only grow things to consume. It is also possible to start indoor plants with the regrow kit. If you want to grow indoor plants, you can grow them until the roots are a few centimetres long before you transplant them into a pot with pot soil", Francis recommended. "Thanks to the floating rings your 'crop' will always get the right amount of water."

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