How to breath new life into old clothes

Most people have piles and piles of old and unloved clothes lying around at home, either in the attic or still lurking in your wardrobe. There are so many reasons you might discard of an item of clothing; wrong size, too old, no longer like the style - many items may even still have the tag in!

Less than 15% of all textiles produced in the US is recycled or donated each year, according to the EPA and the Council for Textile Recycling. With a staggering 85% being thrown out in the trash!

For those who like to do their bit for the planet, there are ways to breath new life into old clothes and recycle old clothes responsibly. Here's how you can reuse old clothing:

Sell It!
Clothing that is in good condition could earn you a little extra cash. When you multiply that by the amount of clothing you have to sell, you might find it well worth your while! Take decent photographs and list them on auction sites, just make sure you include the price of postage.


"The best way to recycle textiles is for people in need to reuse old clothing"

Swap With A Friend
What's one man's trash is another man's treasure! We all have a handful of garments that we liked in the store but changed our mind after getting home. This is an ideal excuse for a clothes swap party! Grab your friends, get some drinks, and ask everyone to bring a couple of items someone else might like, then let the fun ensue!

Donate To A Good Cause
The best way to recycle textiles is for people in need to reuse old clothing. Take your wearable items to your local charity shop for them to resell or contact organizations which connects people with clothes they need.

If there is simply no other home for your clothing and it is simply too worn out, the last option is to head to find a textile recycling point to recycle old clothes responsibly.

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