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How to make your clothes last longer?

The secrets to looking after your clothes

Here’s how to make your clothes last longer and give them that ‘just bought’ look every time you wear them. Whether your wardrobe’s full of designer gear or high-street bargains, you should look after your clothes.

Taking good care of your clothes means you'll save money as you won't have to replace them so often. Not good news for shopaholics! But making that pair of skinny jeans you love last longer is worth it.

  1. Wearing

Rotate clothes so you don't always wear the same thing. This’ll get more wear out of them. Whilst you may live in that cosy sweatshirt or cardigan, why not wear something else sometimes?

Create a wardrobe rotation system. Put clothes you’ve just worn at one end so those that haven't seen daylight for a while are at the other. You’re sure to find things you forgot you had!


  1. Storing

After a tiring day, it's so easy to discard clothes in a heap on the floor or a chair before you climb into bed. Taking a couple of extra minutes to put clothes in the laundry basket or away in the wardrobe or drawers will prolong their life.

If you have room, store winter/summer clothes in boxes or a spare wardrobe. This will give your current clothes room to breathe and keep the ones you’re not wearing in great condition.


  1. Cleaning

Following the washing instructions will help keep your clothes like new for longer. Whilst most of us separate colours and whites there are other tips to follow when washing your clothes.

  • Do up zips so they don't snag fabrics
  • Wash dark clothes inside out to prevent fabric rubbing and fading
  • Hand wash delicates or use a laundry bag in the washing machine
  • Get to know the different cycles of your washing machine. The delicate ones rotate less to protect the fabric.
  • Don't wash your clothes too often. Do you really need to wash that work skirt or top after every wear? This’ll make them last longer and save on your electricity and water bills.


And finally, air dry clothes whenever you can. Whilst a tumble dryer is convenient for rainy days, constant use will damage the fabrics of your clothes in no time.

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