Sustainable tip: combat food waste with the Brabantia Regrow Kit

I'll be honest: I was sceptical. Very sceptical. A Regrow Kit you can use to grow herb and vegetable leftovers? No, I just couldn't see it.  To my mind this could only involve complicated practices, mess, and very “green fingers”! I was quite mistaken.

It all started when a friend of mine spontaneously suggested one evening to give the Brabantia Regrow Kit a go.  He had sliced up a spring onion for his evening meal and was curious as to whether he could rejuvenate it with the Regrow Kit.

The first thing that came to mind: "Do we actually have time for that?" You see, we were just on our way out to catch up over a drink with some friends.  My friend gazed at me uncomprehendingly.  "Uh, all you have to do is put a little water in the bowl and pop it in. That's it", he said, shrugging his shoulders, as if he had to explain that '1 + 1' truly is 2 still.  "That's it?" I replied, confused. I had an entirely different scenario in mind.


"I was confused. I'd had an entirely different scenario in mind."

The Brabantia Regrow Kit is a 2-part set: it has two, different-sized glass bowls and matching floating rings for you to place vegetable or herb leftovers in.  We decided to give the spring onion scrap a chance, but you could also try celery, cabbage, bok choi, beetroot, swede, Romaine lettuce, leek, spring onion, lemon grass, avocado stones, garlic cloves, and carrot and turnip tops (the green parts).

All you need to do is fill whichever size bowl you wish to use halfway up with water.  You then pop the floating ring in it, along with your vegetable or herb scrap.  That's it. After that there's nothing else you need to do, other than test your patience whilst watching the home-grown vegetable or herb grow, day by day. 

"I'll never become a seasoned gardener, but saying that, I felt surprisingly satisfied."

Want to hear the best news? There's no need to be afraid you'll kill off your home-grown vegetables and herbs. Thanks to the floating rings your 'crop' will always get the perfect amount of water. Phew. Following a successful experiment with our spring onion, my friend and I decided to inject new life into a lettuce, using the Regrow Kit. That was a success too! See the result below:

I'll most likely never become a seasoned gardener. Yet, I felt surprisingly satisfied when the home-grown spring onion and lettuce found their way onto my plate – not to mention proud that I could say: “I did that!”.  Since using the Regrow Kit not only have the vegetables grown in size - but so too my confidence in my own gardening skills. 

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    Regrow Kit For Herbs and Vegetables,TASTY+ - Jade Green

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