The ultimate guide to folding your clothes into satisfying straight stacks

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness… there are lots of ways to clear your mind. But how many do you know that are good for your wardrobe too? We know of one: folding your clothes. A great way to create peace in your soul and in your closet.

A crease free life

Folding keeps your clothing looking great and ready for wear - with the minimum of wrinkles! In your clothes and in your forehead, that is. Just imagine opening your closet to the calming sight of neatly stacked clothes. Crease free clothes and mornings, overview, maybe even stacks by colour - can you feel the tension drain?

Why fold your clothes?

Folding clothes does more than make your closet an oasis of calm – it saves you work and frustration. Proper folding prevents clothes from wrinkling (and thus re-ironing or even re-washing.) Also, you will never have to worry again about tops disappearing behind piles or in the back of drawers. Folding is a great time saver and ditto organisational tool.

Splendid stacks

A well-organised closet is a quiet delight, but the act of folding itself brings peace to your mind too. Make it extra calming by taking your time – your me-time. Whip out your ironing board to fold on, sit at the table or even on the floor with your clothes. Put some music on or maybe just enjoy the quiet. Reflect on your day, or maybe call someone while you let your hands do the magic. Whatever gets your zen on.

Folding board folly

Squares, rectangles or file folding in Konmari-style - there is no right way to fold clothes. But folding clothes in a certain, consistent way can really simplify your life. The secret to folding clothes like a real Origami master? Our very clever little Folding Board! It has handy folding instructions for efficiently folding blouses and shirts on the front and back. Just follow the easy steps and your stacks will look sharp! All done? Hang it by its handy storage hook. And don’t forget to enjoy your splendid stacks.

Folding with the Brabantia folding board

  1. Lay your piece face down on a flat surface.
  2. Place the folding board on top, in the center of the neckline.
  3. Fold the sleeves in, then fold the bottom up.
  4. Pull out the board. Next!