Top tips to get organised in 2021

Now that 2021 has arrived, it’s time for a new start, and getting the home organised can seem like a daunting task. We’ve asked UK based professional organiser Vicky Silverthorne what are her top tips to refresh your home for the New Year.

Start with the kitchen: After the festivities of Christmas and New Year, your kitchen often needs a good clear out, and it’s the perfect time to start. Clear your food cupboards, give to the local food bank and get your groceries looking like a shop shelf so you can see exactly what you have. Food which needs using up should be placed at the front, and surfaces cleared ready for healthy prep time.

Chip away to make space for new gifts: With new toys and gifts coming into your home it’s easy to just squeeze things into spaces, but by sorting what you have cupboard by cupboard, room by room you can chip away and achieve a good clear out. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do it all in one go.


Charity shop box: Place a box or bag in your hallway (or hang on door handles) so when you spot something you don’t want or try on an item of clothing that you no longer want, you have somewhere to put it before it heads to the charity shop. Not having this usually means we put things back and think ‘I’ll do it later’ and it often never happens.

Throw the rulebook out the window: Ignore any unnecessary rules such as have I worn it in the last year (you may not have seen it in the last year!) and ask yourself the most powerful question of all (if you are decluttering to give yourself more space) ‘Can I live without this?’. After the last year, what’s important and what is not will be clearer than ever!

Think consciously: More sustainable living – this is a valuable reason to be more conscious of what you are buying. The throwaway culture we have lived in needs to come to an end and placing appreciation on long lasting, good quality items needs more focus and attention. Think about how you shop before you go spending. More guilt free shopping is the way forward!

Declutter first, storage second: Declutter before buying storage! You need to declutter before you buy storage which is too big and not actually needed. Often once you’ve got rid of things you no longer want you’ll find your storage problem isn’t as bad as you first thought Over complicated designs - they just aren’t needed when it comes to any storage. Gimmicks are often short lived and simple shelving, drawers and hooks are the way forward within designs. Declutter, clear, see what you actually need storage wise and then buy what you need - in that order! Don’t go out and buy storage without a plan - know what you’re buying, why and where it’s going to live.

Be practical: Get rid of what isn’t working for you and replace it with practical equipment. This could be anything from a bin that is too small or a clothes dryer that annoys you every time you try and put it up! The right equipment will make life easier and reduce stress!