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Trash (bins) everywhere

The core of an apple, the wrapper of your protein bar, used cotton wool or an empty shampoo bottle... You don't have large amounts of waste everywhere in your home. So, you don't need a big bin in every room either. But a small one by your desk, in the bathroom or by the toilet is handy. That way, you don't have to run to the big waste bin in the kitchen every time you create waste -and- you can keep your desk or bathroom tidy with ease.

More x small = handy

Our 4.7- and 12-litre Bo bins are nice and small and have a specially designed lid that you can grip to open from the left, right or front. Perfect for the bathroom, toilet or office. And perfect for people who prefer to open their bin by hand rather than foot. This is more prevalent than you may think: Did you know 50% of people that keep a pedal bin in their bathroom open it by hand?


With or without legs?

We have two types of mini Bo's: the Bo Hi and the 'regular' mini Bo. The Bo Hi bin looks like a little cupboard, fits in the smallest corner and stands sturdy on its legs. It comes in Matt Black, White, Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof and Platinum. The Bo's without legs also come in Brilliant Steel and the trendy Dreamy Blue. The 4 and 7 litre Bo waste bins come with wall brackets, so you can also hang them up. And these Bo's have an integrated handle at the back for easy moving and emptying.