Organise clothes beautifully.

Organise, air and dry your clothes beautifully. Laundry is out of the closet with our new Linn Collection.

Meet multi-talented Linn Clothes Rack.

Need some stylish storage space? Linn is happy to help out. With a sturdy bamboo rod and two height-adjustable shelves, Linn holds her own in any room. Use her as a drying rack, for airing, as a storage rack or just to add some style to your room.

Linn comes in sizes Small (61 cm wide) and Large (99 cm wide). Easy to set up, a 5-year guarantee, and Cradle-to-Cradle Bronze level certified.

Complete your laundry hangout with our stylish laundry bags, bins and baskets, nifty TableTop ironing board and smart clothes hangers.


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  • Eline

    My name is Eline, proud designer of the Linn clothing rack.

    I would like to take you on a trip through the Linn's design process. The process started with an investigation into different people's 'washing process'. How do people deal with their wash? We noticed that people use all kinds of 'hacks' (tricks) to deal with clothing smartly. The objective; to keep clothes looking good as long as possible and to spend as little time as possible on the wash.
    Clothing is increasingly being aired instead of washed. Better for the environment and your clothes, a win-win situation. Blouses and shirts are dried on a clothes' hanger (to prevent creases and the hassle with clothes pegs). Drying racks often remain unfolded to save time. After all, almost no one feels like spending hours on the washing, right? And if you do like it; hats off for you!

    Drying racks often remain unfolded. At the same time, they often get in the way, they are bulky and not quite pretty. That's why, in this project we looked at the new drying rack as a piece of furniture. A fully-fledged piece of furniture that affords you a nice little spot in your home. Something you do not hide away, but like to see. We have tested this idea with several test persons. The idea was enthusiastically received and the new product also proved useful to hang clothes ready for the next few days. But also as a clothing rack besides the ironing board. Or as an extra wardrobe rack, in a guest bedroom.

    Linn is a convenient drying rack worth showing off. With plenty of space for clothes hangers.