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Promotion codes

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01. How can I get a promotion code?
In most cases, promotion codes and other promotions are announced directly to our customers by e-mail or social media. Brabantia creates promotion codes only sporadically. If you would love to receive Brabantia promotion codes and other promotions directly, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter. Read our blog, become a Facebook fan, follow us on Twitter or get inspired on Pinterest.
02. I received a promotion code, what about the terms and conditions?
  • - Promotion codes cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • - You can only use the promotion code once on www.brabantia.com.
  • - Promotion codes cannot be used in combination with other promotions, or for Brabantia spare parts.
  • - The promotion codes cannot be used after you have placed your order, or re-used after you have applied the promotion code to your shopping cart.
  • - If you return any of the items purchased with a promotion code, the promotion discount or value may be subtracted from the return credit. This depends on the terms and conditions of the promotion code used.
  • - Any returned items will be refunded at the discounted price paid.

PS. Feel free to pass this code round your friends – everyone should be able to join in.
03. How do I use a promotion code?

Using a promotion code is very simple, please follow the steps below:

  • - Add your favorite Brabantia products to your shopping cart (including the products the promotion is aimed at). At the top of every Brabantia webpage, you will find your shopping cart.
  • - Click on your shopping cart, choose between ‘View Shopping Cart’ or ‘Pay’. On both pages you will find the ‘Add Promotion Code’ button.
  • - Enter the promotion code exactly as you have received it and click on ‘Apply Coupon’.
  • - The promotion will automatically be applied, if your order complies with the rules of the specific promotion code.

Note: You will always be notified when the code is applied. The shopping cart will display the text "coupon code ... was applied". If you apply your coupon code at the checkout page, a popup opens with the same notification. If you did not have seen the notification, then the coupon code is probably not yet applied.

04. My promotion code does not work, what to do now?
In most cases when a promotion code does not work, your sales order does not comply with the rules of the promotion. To make sure your promotion code should be working, please check the following:
  • - Is the promotion code still valid?
  • - Is the promotion code valid in the country you are ordering from?
  • - Does your sales order reach the minimum order value?
  • - If the promotion code is aimed at specific products, did you add them to your shopping cart?
  • - Have you already (tried to use) used this promotion code before?

If you can answer all question above with ‘yes’, please contact our customer service. Our customer service will then find our why your promotion code is not working.
05. I have forgotten to use my promotion code, what can I do?
Unfortunately promotion codes can only be used at the time of ordering. After your sales order is paid, and in process, it is final and cannot be changed. If you do not want to throw your promotion code away, you can use it the next time or share it with your friends.