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01. How to choose the right bin liner for your Brabantia bin?

Each Brabantia waste bin is colour coded. Just match the colour code inside the bin to the bin liner pack of the same colour.

02. What is the difference between biodegradable and 'oxo-biodegradable' bin bags?

Confused by what is and what’s not recyclable? Here’s a quick guide to the differences between fully biodegradable/compostable, PE (polyethylene) and ‘oxo-biodegradable’ bin bags.

There are three types of bin liner currently available to consumers: 

1) Fully biodegradable liners made from corn starch (or other crop derived sources),polylactic acid, and are designed to biodegrade in aerobic, home or industrial composting conditions. These liners will be completely consumed by micro-organisms in the food chain and are 100% compostable and biodegradable. These bags are available from Brabantia for vegetable matter and organic kitchen waste.

2) Standard PE plastic bin liners made from polyethylene or similar material derived from oil and suitable for landfill disposal. Fully recyclable, plastic liners are increasingly being re-used by consumers. This is the type of bin bag Brabantia supplies to fit its regular pedal and Touch top bins. 

3) Degradable PE liners, sometimes also known as ‘Oxy-biodegradable’ (or ‘UV biodegradable’), are made from oil derived PE but also containing a special metal additive (typically cobalt, nickel or manganese stearate), which acts as a catalyst to enable the plastic to degrade by oxidation and exposure to light and heat. This reduces the material to trace metal elements - which do not break down or biodegrade - CO² and water. These liners can take between 18 months and four years to disintegrate according to conditions and only if left in an open atmosphere, and are unlikely to fully degrade if buried in landfill sites. 

For further information on the difference between biodegradable and degradable PE products visit: www.wrap.org.uk

03. How to attach and use the WallFix dryer?

Click here for instructions WallFix dryer

04. How to tighten the lines of the Brabantia Pull-out Clothes Lines

After a while, the tension of the lines can become uneven. This can easily be solved by unrolling the lines completely and roll them in again as straight as possible. In small rooms it’s best to remove the clothes lines from the wall: just loosen the screw at the right - see drawing 4 in the manual 'Fixing instructions Pull-out clothes lines'.

05. How to refill a Flame Lighter with butane gas?

Instruction video Flame Lighter