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Proud to be B corp.

Official B Corp certification for Brabantia from March 2023.
B Corps (an abbreviation of 'Benefit Corporations') are companies recognised for their positive impact on people and the environment. This certification is an incredible recognition and is in line with our goal of moving towards 100% circular design by 2035.

Brabantia x Sustainability

Sustainability is not something that we do; it is what we are. It's in our nature. Caring for people, for the planet is something that we do every day, since the very beginning of our company. And every day we want to do better, for ourselves, for others and therefore for future generations. The B Corp status is the perfect way for us to express how important we consider our sustainable mission.

What is a B Corp?

A certified B Corp meets high standards for social and environmental performance. A B Corp is committed to making the world a better place and having an impact on social and sustainable issues through its products. Worldwide, there are more than 7,000 certified B corporations in more than 90 countries and across 160 industries. Thanks to the international B Corp network, B Corp organisations can inspire and help one another with their mission. So that together we can make an even bigger impact.

Our B Corp score?

After an intensive process of almost two years and answering more than 150 detailed questions, Brabantia achieved a weighted score of 83.4 points. The questions on governance, environment, employees, customers and community were tested for both Brabantia Europe and Brabantia Asia. Every 3 years, we will be re-certified and we will aim to improve our score each time in line with our goal of 100% circular design by 2035.

What have we achieved so far?

Our 6 objectives:

What's next in our B Corp journey?

Our goal is to keep improving in the coming years and to achieve our 6 targets as soon as possible. The main focus will be on areas where we can make a quick impact. The two most important aspects are:

  • Reduction of gas, water, raw materials and waste
  • Ensuring that producing and selling our products becomes more sustainable by improving cooperation with suppliers.