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Brabantia Ironing Boards

Your ironing board is an essential item in your home, and while not everyone loves ironing, it has to be done. With the Brabantia range of ironing tables you can find the ideal product for your home. It’s the little things that help make keeping on top of your chores easy, and our ironing boards offer this every time. We stock multiple colours, styles and sizes to suit all customers. Explore our full range of different ironing stands here.

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How to choose an ironing board?

Ironing not your thing? Brabantia has everything you need to make this household chore easier. All our ironing boards are sturdy, well-designed and secure. Guaranteed to be stress-proof!

There is a Brabantia ironing board for everyone; whether you iron occasionally or reach for your board every day. Our ironing boards are so sturdy, they could be called ironing tables. With over 30 different ironing boards, we are sure to have one that suits your needs and particular way of ironing. Difficult to choose? Read our tips to help you choose!

Type of holder.

Do you use a (steam) iron? If so, opt for an ironing board with a holder for a (steam) iron or a heat-resistant parking zone. You can place your iron on it with confidence. It is important that the iron fits properly in the holder. This way, you can be sure the iron sits securely and won't scratch the metal.

Do you use a steam generator? If so, choose an ironing board with a steam generator holder. This type of holder is robust and large enough for a heavy steam system. Iron holder availability varies by ironing board type. Size A, for instance, is only available with a (steam) iron holder. 

Ironing surface.

The bigger the board, the more ironing space you have, and the less you have to move clothes around as you iron. Brabantia has ironing boards in four different sizes. From compact to ultra-ergonomic. We offer something for everyone and every laundry room. Whether you store it away or leave it out between washes. 

The Brabantia ironing board is available in size A (most compact), size B, size C and size D (the largest). Not all sizes come with the different iron holders. 

Type of cover.

Big on steam when you iron? We have a special ironing board just for that and a special ironing board cover. This particular model is called the Brabantia SteamControl ironing board. Condensed steam is collected by the tray, which can be emptied by you. 

Many of our ironing board covers offer that little something extra. The PerfectFlow cover collects condensed water as you iron. Our Metalized ironing board cover gives you quicker ironing results as it reflects the heat back. The Brabantia ironing board cover is made of Fairtrade cotton and is ultra-durable. Do everyday basics hit the spot for you? If so, we also have a wide range of ironing boards with a plain, cotton cover. 


All Brabantia ironing boards are height-adjustable. The height varies depending on the size of ironing board. Ironing board size A and ironing board size B can be fixed at a working height between 27-38 inches. Size C can be fixed at a working height between 30-38 inches. And size D, our most ergonomic option, is widely adjustable at a working height between 24-40 inches. You can even iron sitting down with a size D ironing board due to the working height and asymmetrical frame combination. 

A few more details ...

Ironing boards are multi-faceted. The key specs are listed below.  We take a look at all the different holders, and share a little more information about the special ironing board covers. The video shows all the ironing boards once again.

Type of holder.

Ironing board holder.
Suitable for both steam and regular irons. Made of stainless or painted steel and suitable for irons measuring max. 5.9 inches. 

Solid iron holder.
The solid iron holder has an opening. The holder is suitable for steam and regular irons, if they measure max. 5.9 inches. Does the iron not fit? If so, it will scratch.

Solid steam unit holder.
This holder is suitable for steam generators but not for (steam) irons. The holder fits a steam generator measuring max. 15.7 x 8.7 inches. 

Fold-out steam unit holder.
Perfect for a steam generator. You can lower the fold-out holder. That way, your steam generator never sits too high. The holder is suitable for a steam unit measuring max. 15.4 x 9.4 inches.

Heat-resistant parking zone.
The heat-resistant parking zone is integrated in the ironing board cover, and is suitable for steam units and (steam) irons. The parking zone can tolerate heat. 

Ironing board cover with a little something extra.

PerfectFlow ironing board cover.
The PerfectFlow ironing board cover was designed in collaboration with Philips. This cover allows the steam to effectively remove wrinkles whilst the heat of the iron keeps clothes smooth. The cover looks pretty standard, but inside are three clever layers that make steam ironing significantly easier. The first layer of special 3D textile allows steam to penetrate. The second layer absorbs any condensation inside the cover. The last waterproof layer reflects the heat and keeps moisture away from your ironing board. 

Metalized ironing board cover.
The Brabantia Metalized ironing board cover helps you iron better, without any extra effort. The ironing board cover is made of metallised cotton, which reflects the heat coming off your (steam) iron. Giving you double ironing power. 

Fairtrade cotton ironing board cover.
The cotton of this ironing board cover is certified, traded and verified by, and sourced from, Fairtrade producers. The stringent Fairtrade standards are in place to ensure farmers and workers are kept safe, enjoy good working conditions and are treated fairly; particularly those in Asia, Africa, Latin America. Environmental protection standards also apply. 

Choose the ironing board that best suits you.

Choose the ironing board that best suits you.

Still undecided? Too much choice, not enough know-how or simply have no idea what to choose?  Our helpful ironing board selection tool might be of use! This selection tool filters the Brabantia ironing board range, based on max. four questions. Every little helps when comes to making a choice.

Durable ironing board.

We love our planet just as much as you do. That is why we are very proud that all our ironing boards with an ironing board cover made of Fairtrade cotton have a silver Cradle-to-Cradle ® certificate. All other Brabantia ironing boards have a bronze Cradle-to-Cradle® certificate. That means they meet stringent criteria when it comes to (re)use of materials, sustainable energy, water management and social fairness. What's not to like about that?

We also give you a 10-year guarantee on your ironing board, plus a 2-year guarantee on your ironing board cover.

Buying an ironing board.

Now you've seen all the options, are you ready to make your choice with all the information to hand? View the full range of Brabantia ironing boards. Switch on the radio and get, set, iron!

  1. Ironing Board C 48.8 x 17.7 inches (124 x 45 cm), for Steam Generator - Denim Gray
  2. Ironing Board B 48.8 x 14.9 inches (124 x 38 cm), for Steam Iron - Denim Gray
  3. Ironing Board B 48.8 x 14.9 inches (124 x 38 cm), for Steam Iron - Soothing Sea
  4. Ironing Board D 53 x18 in (135 x 45 cm), for Steam Iron & Generator - New Dawn, Fairtrade cotton
  5. Ironing Board A 43 x 12 in (110 x 30 cm), for Steam Iron - New Dawn, Fairtrade cotton

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