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What else do you need to keep your kitchen sink clean and tidy? Organize in style with our handy counter top organizer and the trash can. With Brabantia's dishwashing accessories, doing the dishes will be fun again! Choose a small or large drain rack, the dishwashing brush with holder and microfibre cleaning wipes.

Counter top organizers for every kitchen!

With our beautiful and practical items, your kitchen sink is clean and tidy again in a flash. The kitchen sink tray is a handy organiser in which you can easily keep your dishwashing brush, cleaning wipes and dishwashing liquid. Do you always have small cutting waste that you want to get rid of quickly? The counter top waste bin is convenient if you have bits of compost waste and your compost bin is not nearby. Do you have a small kitchen sink? Then our small drain rack is ideal, opt for a large drain rack if you have more space, and perhaps more dishwashing. Each drain rack is equipped with a tray so the water runs directly into the sink. Are you rather looking for something compact? Opt for the square dishwasher, it has a lid that also serves as a drain rack! After doing the dishes, you put everything away again, quickly and neatly. Brabantia also has handy microfibre or silicone draining mats. The draining mat is ideal for drying the dishes.
Our microfibre wipes clean streaklessly and are available in dark colours, making it less likely to see spots. Did you know that a microfibre cleaning cloth can absorb up to 7 times its weight of water?!