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Meet the Bo family: tangible proof that a can or washing basket can be a beautiful addition to your interior. If you love design, you'll love Bo!


The Bo family has been part of our range since 2017. What started with the introduction of the Bo Touch Top Can, our first trash can on legs, has grown into a veritable family. Both the legs and the recognizable rectangular design make the Bo a beautiful addition to your interior, with these features being reflected across the entire Bo family.


Do you also separate your waste? Even better! The stylish and durable Bo takes up minimal space but offers plenty of room for recycling. From the leggy top model Bo Touch top can to the plus-size beauty Bo Touch Top Can Hi and the down-to-earth Bo step can: all our models help you stay stylish and tidy!

  1. Bo Step on Trash Can 3 + 6 gallon (11+23L) - White
  2. Bo Step on Trash Can 2 x 8 gallon (30 liter) - Platinum
  3. Bo Touch Trash Can 3 + 6 gallon (11 + 23L) - Matte Black
  4. Bo Touch Trash Can 16 gallon (60L) - White
  5. Bo Touch Trash Can Hi 16 gallon (60L) - White


In your toilet you want a bin that is beautiful, easy to clean and easy to open. Bo trash cans have a hygienic removable inner bucket and a lid that opens from all sides. All these baby Bo's have an integrated handle at the back, and with the 1- and 1.8-gallon Bo you get a wall bracket. PS. Bo also fits perfectly with your home office.

  1. Bo Waste Trash Can 1.1 gallon (4L) - Matte Black
  2. Bo Waste Trash Can 1.9 gallon (7L) - White
  3. Bo Waste Trash Can 3.2 gallon (12L) - Dreamy Blue
  4. Bo Waste Trash Can Hi 1.1 gallon (4L) - Matte Black
  5. Bo Waste Trash Can Hi 3.2 gallon (12L) - Matte Steel Fingerprint Proof


Need some calm? Make your laundry routine an oasis of calm. Your life and household is busy enough as it is! Bo gives you a nice way to organise both your laundry and your home in a form that fits your own style. Our Bo laundry basket is space-saving and beautiful. For a great start (and end) to your day. 

  1. Bo Laundry Hamper 16 gallon (60L) - White
  2. Bo Laundry Hamper Hi 2 x 11.9 gallon (2 x 45L) - Matte Black
  3. Bo Laundry Hamper 16 gallon (60L) - Matte Black
  4. Bo Laundry Hamper Hi 2 x 11.9 gallon (2 x 45L) - White


We love our planet just as much as you do. That's why all our Bo's are made of high-quality materials, guaranteeing 10 years of trouble-free use. Our Bo's are also Bronze Cradle-to-Cradle® certified.