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Kitchen utensils for amateur masterchefs

Good preparation is half the job. To conjure up the prettiest, best and tastiest dishes on the table, we are giving you a handy overview of must-have utensils for your kitchen.

kitchen utensils for preparation and cooking

Everything you need when preparing and cooking your dishes:

Cutting boards

Purchase a separate cutting board for each food group. For example, for cutting fish, meat, poultry, bread and vegetables.

Various types of knives

With a good knife set, you can cut vegetables, fruit, meat and more, easily and quickly. A knife block is handy for storage.


You can do a lot more with a grater than you think. Not only for grating cheese, but to grate cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, beetroot and apples.

Different types of spoons

There are more spoons than just tablespoons, teaspoons and soup spoons. Is there a spaghetti spoon, sauce ladle, serving spoon and wooden spoon in your kitchen?


Spatulas and wok spatulas are not only for licking the leftover cake batter, but for stirring food and flipping pancakes too, among other things.

Slotted spoon

Make sure you have a slotted spoon in your kitchen. With a slotted spoon, you can scoop out floating food or doughnuts from a pan, without scooping water or oil.

Tongs and meat fork

How do you remove the food from the pan during baking and roasting? Use tongs or a meat fork.

Pizza cutter

The tastiest pizzas are of course homemade pizzas, and you cut them with a pizza cutter.


Mash: nicely old-fashioned, or just a little different? Anyway, a masher is a must.

Garlic press

Eating a clove of garlic every day is super healthy, so a garlic press is definitely handy.


Indispensable for opening up a nice bottle of wine or beer: openers. Besides a bottle opener, a can opener is also great.

kitchen utensils for baking and desserts

All must-haves in a row for baking and making desserts:

Apple corer

No waste; with an apple corer, you really only remove the core.

Pommes parisiennes scoop

Scoop beautiful melon balls with the pommes parisiennes scoop!

Citrus grater

Use a citrus grater to subtly blend citrus peels in dishes, or for decoration.


To stir and whisk sauces and batters.

Cake slice

Hate the hassle with handing out pieces of cake? Not with a cake slice.

Palette knife

A palette knife is the perfect tool when spreading icing on a cake, and for other forms of decoration.

Ice cream scoop

It's difficult to scoop from a bowl of ice cream with an ordinary spoon. A specially shaped ice cream scoop is just the thing.


A sieve is very useful for sifting flour, or to sprinkle icing sugar over pies and cakes.

So, have you discovered any kitchen tools that are really missing from your kitchen? Enough inspiration for every amateur chef on this page!