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Take a moment.

Take a moment for yourself now and again. Don't worry about whether it fits your schedule - as long as it fits in your bag. And with Brabantia Make & Take, it certainly will. 

Make & Take collection.

Isn't it great to take a break, enjoy your meal, take a breather, a moment for yourself? Take your meal out of your bag and enjoy that moment. Be it with yoghurt and muesli, a soup, sandwiches, a pasta lunch, a fresh salad or a sip of tea. Eat your homemade lunch at work, at school, on the train or wherever you like.

The collection includes (insulated) drinking solutions, lunchboxes, (insulated) mugs and take-away bowls, salad bowls and even a cutlery set. Timeless, smart and compact; in plastic or stainless steel. To keep hot or cold, to reheat or keep fresh.

Have a drink?

Discover the Make & Take drinking solutions. Choose a bottle or a mug, and drink your hot or cold beverage wherever you like. Thermos solutions keep your drink hot or cold, and the water bottle with strainer keeps fruit in the bottle - if you like flavoured water. 

Top boxes.

Bringing your own lunch is a good idea. And when you do this in one of these new Brabantia Make & Take Lunchboxes, it's even smarter - and more sustainable! Available in different sizes, in plastic as well as in stainless steel for when you want to cut down on plastic. For 4 or 8 sandwiches and tightly fastened, with clips. 

  1. Make & Take Lunch Box Medium, Plastic - Dark Gray
  2. Make & Take Lunch Box Large, Stainless Steel - Matte Steel
  3. Make & Take Lunch Box Medium, Stainless Steel - Matte Steel

Lunch specials.

Feel like something else? With the Bento Lunchbox, you take different dishes with you in separate compartments. A pasta on the left, sandwiches on the right and tomatoes in a small bowl. Or opt for pasta with our round lunch bowl (100% leakproof). And with the salad bowl, lunch with salad is a breeze.

  1. Make & Take Lunch Bowl 33.8 oz (1L), Plastic - Dark Gray
  2. Make & Take Lunch Bowl 33.8 oz (1L), Plastic - Jade Green
  3. Make & Take Salad Bowl 440 oz (1.3L), Plastic - Dark Gray
  4. Make & Take Lunch Box Bento Large, Plastic - Dark Gray

Come along!

A smart to-go mug for your soup or yoghurt. Easy to carry and the mug keeps your soup (and your toppings) fresh. The insulated stainless steel lunch mug keeps drinks hot or cold and holds 17 oz. The plastic mug has room for 20 oz of your favourite broth, and is microwaveable.

  1. Make & Take Soup Mug 20.3 oz (0.6L), Plastic - Dark Gray
  2. Make & Take Soup Mug 20.3 oz (0.6L), Plastic - Light Gray
  3. Make & Take Breakfast Bowl 16.9 oz (0.5L), Plastic - Light Gray
  4. Make & Take Breakfast Bowl 16.9 oz (0.5L), Plastic - Jade Green


The lovely Make & Take collection is BPA-free, 100% recyclable, dishwasher-safe and has a 5-year warranty and service. You can choose from partially recycled plastic or stainless steel to reduce plastic. And you easily take leftover food with you so less food is thrown away. Make the most sustainable choice yourself.