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Why work with us.

We're a family-owned business with strong family values, taking pride in the products we create. Our concepts are filled with promise, crafted sustainably to leave a positive impact on the world for generations to come. Introduce color, style, and modern design into your customers' lives with our latest series of Brabantia products, designed to enhance the quality of life for all consumers. Whether at home or elsewhere, our smartly designed products aim to make every experience even more enjoyable.

As the retail landscape evolves, with 80 percent of the public researching products online before purchase, we recognize the importance of catering to these informed consumers. They seek the best deals and are well-versed in product details, availability, and pricing. In this changing reality, we're here to support you in meeting these heightened consumer expectations and staying competitive.

Hold dear to your origins.

Brabantia is present globally, with offices and production facilities spanning from Austria to the US, and from China to Finland. However, our origins trace back to the Netherlands, specifically in the province of Brabant. It was in 1919 that great-grandfather Van Elderen crafted the first milk cans and jugs. The journey continued with the production of our inaugural pedal bins in 1952, and the iconic 'Patrice' pattern emerged in 1969. Today, the fourth generation leads our family business, and our Dutch Design has found a home in millions of households worldwide.

Sustainable by nature.

We cherish our planet just like you do. That's why we incorporate recyclability into all our products. Our commitment to recycling dates back to the 1940s when we repurposed tins for condensed milk into new cups—long before the term "recycling" was coined. Today, our products empower you to contribute to the planet's well-being. From kitchen tools with dual functions to waste bins designed for effective waste separation, and from drying racks and rotary dryers for natural drying to jars that combat food waste, we've got you covered. Even our smart ironing board covers enhance the efficiency of ironing. Additionally, we actively support initiatives, both big and small, that contribute to making the world more beautiful.


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