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A kitchen counter brimming with style.

Keep your sink clean and tidy - and your stuff on hand. Discover our SinkStyle collection. The perfect harmony between form and function. Designed with attention to detail: timeless, smart and, above all, stylish.

Sinkstyle collection.

The SinkStyle collection takes dishwashing to the next level. The beautiful products, high-quality materials and smart but above all stylish products, will enrich your sink. The products consist partly of plastic and partly of a metal textured paint. Ideal for moist areas - corrosion-resistant and up to 96% recyclable after use. 

The collection includes 6 top tools for an organized sink: a soap dispenser, a detergent dispenser in a squeeze bottle shape, a large and small organizer, available as a complete set and sold separately. The entire collection comes with a 5-year warranty and service. 

Stylish materials.

Ranging from textured, corrosion-resistant metal, to high-grade plastic. A combination of metal and glass. A flexible squeeze bottle. A silicone anti-slip mat. A structured finish. Our SinkStyle collection is made of the finest materials. Quality and style - to beautify your daily routine.

Soap, not a slop. 

Washing dishes by hand can save energy, money and water. And with Brabantia's SinkStyle specials, doing the dishes certainly won't be a slop. Empty? Refilling is a breeze!

  1. Soap Squeezer SinkStyle, 6.8oz (0.2L) - Dark Gray
  2. Soap Dispenser SinkStyle, 6.8oz (0.2L)- Mineral Infinite Gray
  3. Soap Dispenser Set SinkStyle, 2x 6.8oz (0.2L) - Mineral Fresh White
  4. Soap Dispenser Set SinkStyle, 2x 6.8oz (0.2L) - Mineral Infinite Gray
  5. Soap Dispenser SinkStyle, 6.8oz (0.2L) - Mineral Fresh White

Perfectly organised.

Don't be fooled by the compact design; the storage box has enough space for your sponges, wipes, washing-up brush and more. The drip tray inside ensures air circulation. It can even hold a drying stand for your dishcloth. The loose non-slip metal tray with textured lacquer holds everything together - the silicone mat prevents slips. 

  1. Organiser Set SinkStyle, Set of 4 - Mineral Infinite Gray
  2. Organiser Set SinkSide, Set of 4 - Mineral Fresh White
  3. SinkStyle Organiser and Drying Tray SinkStyle, Set of 2 - Mineral Fresh White
  4. Organiser Set SinkStyle, Set of 3 - Mineral Infinite Gray
  5. Organiser SinkStyle - Mineral Fresh White