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May we suggest doing the dishes?


True, non-digital contact is decreasing more and more. Parents with busy schedules and children born in the digital age tend to experience this the most. Finding activities
to do that involve no technology could be the way to create more quality time!
85% of parents want more contact with their children in the current digital age. We suggest doing the washing-up together... but please let us help:


We're strong believers that a tidy kitchen gives structure and clears your mind. A tidy kitchen starts with washing-up. And washing-up provides the perfect opportunity for quality time with a loved one. So, with whom do you do the washing-up? 

Divide it in to two tasks: washing and drying. This encourages you to do the dishes together and cooperate nicely until the chore is all done. This cooperation strengthens the bond between you and the person with whom you are doing the dishes. 

Do you miss having valuable contact with your children? Ask them to help with the washing-up and make some fun of it!


Use the same glass throughout the day by rinsing it rather than getting a new one out. By using the same glass, you could save about two to three glasses in the washing up.

Good start
A good start is half the work: that also goes for the washing-up. Put the dishes in the right order before you start. First glass and cutlery, then the plates and pans. Glass becomes extra clear because of the warm, clean water, and cutlery gets a shine. Do the pans last - they'll be the most dirty.

One is enough
Two different ingredients that need to be cooked in water? Save on washing up by cooking the ingredients in one pan! If they have different cooking times, add the one with the shortest cooking time later.


Waste caddy
Capacity: 3L. Colours: grey or mint. 

Drying rack & drying mat
Size: large or small. Material: microfibre, silicone or aluminium. Colours: dark grey, light grey or mint. 

Dish brush
Colours: grey or mint. 

  1. Dish Brush with Suction Cup Holder - Jade Green
    Dish Brush with Suction Cup Holder - Jade Green
  2. Replacement Dish Brush Set of 2 -  Dark Grey
    Replacement Dish Brush Set of 2 - Dark Grey
  3. Dish Brush with Suction Cup Holder - Mid Grey
    Dish Brush with Suction Cup Holder - Mid Grey
  4. Dish Brush with Suction Cup Holder - Dark Grey
    Dish Brush with Suction Cup Holder - Dark Grey

Cleaning pads & dishcloths
Colours: dark grey, light grey or mint.

Sink organizer
Size: 11.5x19x8.5 cm. Colours: grey or mint. 


Keep clean
Avoid food waste and oils and grease from going down the drain. This puts extreme pressure on the environment. It takes a lot of energy to filter food waste and solidified grease from water.


Try an environmentally friendly washing-up liquid. Choose a detergent that uses organic ingredients. Even better if their packaging is made from recycled materials.

Washing-up disco
Turn on your favourite playlist. Sing along. Dance a bit. And continue with washing-up. This makes washing-up a bit more tolerable. Want to take it a step up? Turn the kitchen into a disco and invite the whole family.


Caked dirt
Did something burn? Do not panic, you will still get that pan clean - even without scrubbing. Fill the pan with cold water and three tablespoons of salt. Leave it overnight and bring it to the boil the next day. Sparkling clean!

Time management
Allow the clean dishes to air dry in a drying rack. This saves time and avoids any bacteria spreading from over-used kitchen towels. This also means your kitchen towels need to go in the wash less often. Much more environmentally friendly!