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team up doing the dishes,
with sink side from brabantia

The Brabantia Sink Side collection consists of handy counter top and dishwashing accessories that make doing the dishes and cleaning up your kitchen sink a more enjoyable job. Even when you have a dishwasher, there are still dishes to be done by hand. Did you know that 70% of people in Belgium (Flanders), UK and Spain wash up (almost) every day? 

Drip and dry

The accessories are all beautiful in terms of design, and the finest details were thought of. For example, the square dishwasher comes with a bowl that can be used as a drain rack and the dishwashing brushes have a container and even a holder for the dishwashing liquid. The drain racks come with a drip tray and the microfibre wipes do not leave any streaks and absorb a load of moisture! The more convenient the aids, the more fun it is doing the dishes!


You like to keep your kitchen sink clean, but where do you leave your accessories? Besides a dishwasher, drain rack and microfibre wipes, the Sink Side collection also offers products that always keep your kitchen sink tidy! Who doesn't like an organiser that can keep your detergent, dishwashing brush and wipes? The kitchen sink waste bin has a handy "open" position, so you can easily dispose of the waste while cutting, so you don't have to walk to your green container every time you do some prepping! Discover all Sink Side items and be surprised by the ease of use and quality.


From a sink mat, a food waste caddy, a dish brush, cleaning pads and dishcloths to different drying racks, drying mats, and a sink organiser – these stylish Sink Side specials make doing the dishes the better time of the day.

Choose the product that best suits your washing-up ritual:

  1. Dish Brush with Suction Cup Holder - Jade Green
  2. Replacement Dish Brush Set of 2 - Dark Grey
  3. Dish Brush with Suction Cup Holder - Mid Grey
  4. Dish Brush with Suction Cup Holder - Dark Grey


The products in the Sink Side collection are made of robust, corrosion-resistant materials - now that's dishwashing in style. Discover all Sink Side items and be amazed by the ease of use and quality. The products all come with a 2-year or 5-year warranty and service.