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Ironing boards with style. So sturdy they can be called ironing tables.

Did you know you burn more than 100 calories per hour when ironing?

Ironing boards

Life is so beautiful, you want to enjoy it as much as possible - every moment of it, so ironing too. We'd love to help you doing that, with ironing boards and ironing board covers that turn ironing into quality time. Dial up the music and start ironing – and day-dreaming.


There is a Brabantia ironing board for everyone, whether you're just ironing occasionally, or pick up the board every day. Our ironing boards are so sturdy, that can even be called an ironing table. With more than 30 different types of ironing boards, we are sure to have one that suits your needs and way of ironing. Tough time to choose? Then see below what holder suits you best. Or read our tips on buying the right ironing board.

This is how you choose your Brabantia ironing board


Brabantia has ironing boards in 4 different sizes, from A (compact) to D (most ergonomic). The bigger and wider the ironing board, the less you have to move clothes for ironing.


Some ironing boards have smaller iron holders than other, so search for the board that suits your iron. A big and heavy steam system such as a steam generator requires more space than an ordinary iron.


Do you use a lot of steam? Our SteamControl ironing board has a waterproof ironing surface with a water collecting tray with 'Aqua Bowl' for easy draining of the condensation. Or choose a PerfectFlow ironing board cover with special 3D textile technology for optimal spread of the steam and faster ironing. A steam-dream!


The height of your ironing board is important to avoid back problems, especially if you have a lot of ironing. That is why all Brabantia ironing boards are height-adjustable. The minimum and maximum heights vary per model. The model D Premium Comfort is even suitable for ironing sitting down.


You would of course not want your ironing board to accidentally collapse because children are playing with the lever. That's why our A, B and C ironing boards have a built-in security. Type D ironing boards have a special red rubber ball as locking mechanism to prevent unwanted folding.


A Brabantia ironing board is made to make ironing easier. That's why we use materials that allow steam through, and 100% cotton covers with a resilient foam layer. So you put pressure right where you want it, on the creases!


If you are looking for extra work space when ironing, an ironing board and clothes rack is just the thing. Ideal for piling up (and admiring) those nicely ironed shirts!


Movement is for surfboards, not for ironing boards. That's why our ironing boards have protective caps that keep your ironing board from moving, and it won't leave any scratches.


If you want to buy a new ironing board every year, you can of course. But you don't have to: all Brabantia ironing boards are sturdy and have a 10 years warranty. So you only need to buy such a beautiful new ironing board occasionally.

Choose your holder


You can park both your steam and regular irons on our standard iron holder. It is made of stainless or painted steel and is suitable for irons with a maximum size of 150 mm.

Buy an Ironing Board with iron holder


Thanks to its opening, this iron holder in lacquered or clear stainless steel is suitable for steam irons and regular irons. As long as they are not larger than 150 mm.

Buy an Ironing Board with iron holder


This iron holder is strong enough for steam generators with a maximum size of 270 x 170 mm. Would you like it in clear stainless steel or painted?

Buy an Ironing Board with steam generator


This versatile holder is suitable for all normal steam units (max 360 x 190 mm) and (steam) irons with a size of 130 mm. You can even collapse it for easy storage.

Buy an Ironing Board with fold-out steam unit holder


You don't need a permit for this parking place! It is integrated in your ironing board cover and suitable for steam units, steam irons and ordinary irons.

Buy an Ironing Board with parking


This silicone mat is a mobile parking for your hot iron and is suitable for steam units, ordinary and steam irons. This hot item is available in different shapes and sizes.

Buy an Ironing Board with silicone mat

Ironing blanket

Ideal for all those quick ironing chores. The 65 x 120 cm ironing blanket makes ironing a little easier. Fold it open wherever you want and - voila! - an instant ironing board. The thick 6-layer blanket is ideal for (steam) ironing, protects the base against heat and moisture and stays in place thanks to the anti-slip bottom. 

Buying an ironing board

Seen all the options and ready to make your choice with all the right information? View the full range of Brabantia ironing boards. Dial up the music and start ironing.

Ironing board promotion

Would you like to buy an ironing board on discount? Keep an eye on our special offers. You can find products with up to 30% discount in the outlet. Ideal if you want to save money, but still want an ironing board of the highest quality. 

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