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The Brabantia range of ironing boards can be given a touch of personality and style with your choice of ironing covers. Our ironing board cover collection includes bright and bold designs, as well as those with a more neutral and muted appearance. You’ll find simple cotton, reflective and padded ironing table covers in our range, ensuring there’s an option for everyone.

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How to choose an ironing board cover?

Do you need a new ironing board cover? You've come to the right place at Brabantia. Whatever size ironing board you have, all covers offer a snug fit thanks to the cord attachment and patented design. 

Is your cover worn through? If so, you run the risk of staining or damaging your clothes if you continue to iron on it. Which of course you don't want - that gorgeous blouse still has plenty of life left in it, right? It is easy to see if your cover is indeed worn through. This is because the foam or felt layer of your cover is the first to wear through, and these aren't on the surface. Still not sure? Read on for further help!

Ironing board cover size.

Do you have a Brabantia ironing board? If so, you can easily find its size on the label of your current ironing board cover. This has the letter A (black), B (red), C (blue), D (green), E (yellow) or S (purple) on it.

Don't have a Brabantia ironing board? Then you'll need to measure the ironing board. Measure the ironing surface only. What if the dimensions of your ironing board don't match one of our covers? If so, choose a cover that is slightly larger. You can then tauten the cover slightly, but remember this cover will never have a perfect fit. 

Functionality of the cover.

Big on steam when you iron? We have a special ironing board just for that and a special ironing board cover. This particular model is called the Brabantia SteamControl ironing board. Condensed steam is collected by the tray, which can be emptied by you. 

Many of our ironing board covers offer that little something extra. The PerfectFlow cover collects condensed water as you iron. Our Metalized ironing board cover gives you quicker ironing results as it reflects the heat back. The Brabantia ironing board cover is made of Fairtrade cotton and is ultra-durable. Do everyday basics hit the spot for you? If so, we also have a wide range of ironing boards with a plain, cotton cover. 

Type of cover.

Is it just the top layer of your ironing board cover that is worn through?  If this is the case, you won't need a completely new ironing board cover. The same goes for the bottom layer; has the cover's foam worn through or the resilience gone? If so, a new bottom layer is enough to attain perfect ironing results again. Is your entire ironing board cover in need of replacement? If so, you will need a complete set!

A good tip to remember is that an ironing board cover should ideally be fully replaced every 3 years. This assures the quality of the cover and keeps the joy in the chore of ironing.

The design.

That's down to personal preference. Which print do you like? What do you want to look at while ironing? The choice in our ironing board covers is extensive. If one of the previous criteria comes first, fewer prints remain and the choice becomes easier. But maybe the print is the most important to you? If so, select the right size first, then browse all our prints and see what functionalities remain. 

A few more details ...

The most important aspect of an ironing board cover is selecting the right size. Next, the functionality of the ironing board cover. The right functionality can make the job much easier. Below we have provided some more specs on the different functionalities of our ironing board covers. 

Ironing board covers with something extra.

PerfectFlow ironing board cover.
The PerfectFlow ironing board cover was designed in collaboration with Philips. This cover allows the steam to effectively remove wrinkles whilst the heat of the iron keeps clothes smooth. The cover looks pretty standard, but inside are three clever layers that make steam ironing significantly easier. The first layer of special 3D textile allows steam to penetrate. The second layer absorbs any condensation inside the cover. The last waterproof layer reflects the heat and keeps moisture away from your ironing board. 

Metalized ironing board cover.
The Brabantia Metalized ironing board cover helps you iron better, without any extra effort. The ironing board cover is made of metallised cotton, which reflects the heat coming off your (steam) iron. Giving you double ironing power. 

Fairtrade cotton ironing board cover.
The cotton of this ironing board cover is certified, traded and verified by, and sourced from, Fairtrade producers. The stringent Fairtrade standards are in place to ensure farmers and workers are kept safe, enjoy good working conditions and are treated fairly; particularly those in Asia, Africa, Latin America. Environmental protection standards also apply. 

The best cover for your ironing board. 

The best cover for your ironing board. 

Still undecided? Too much choice, not enough know-how or simply have no idea what to choose?  Our helpful ironing board cover selection tool might be of use! This selection tool filters the Brabantia ironing board cover range, based on max. three questions. Every little helps when comes to making a choice.

Durable cover. 

Brabantia emodies durability and quality. That's why we give you 2 years' warranty as standard on Brabantia ironing board covers. In this way, we not only offer a smart solution for you, but for the planet too. Would you like an ultra-durable cover? If so, opt for a Fairtrade cotton ironing board cover.

Buying an ironing board cover. 

Now you've seen all the options, are you ready to make your choice with all the information to hand?

  1. Ironing Board Cover C 124 x 45 cm, Complete Set - Denim Grey
  2. Ironing Board Cover B 124 x 38 cm, Complete Set - Denim Grey
  3. Ironing Board Cover C 124 x 45 cm, Top Layer - Denim Grey
  4. Ironing Board Cover B 124 x 38 cm, Top Layer - Denim Grey
  5. Ironing Board Cover C 124 x 45 cm, Complete Set - Soothing Sea