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Relax, refresh, renew.

Your bathroom should be a relaxing place. A haven to refresh and the perfect room to renew. Transform your bathroom with these new bathroom beauties. From a soap dispenser to squeegee and scales, and from toothbrush holder to soap dish and bathroom caddy. You gotta love them! Get started, get renewed. 

Get one or get them all to create true bathroom bliss. 

ReNew. Bathroom collection. 

The ReNew collection balances out a hectiv lifestyle with a shower of stylish and calm new bathroom beauties. Twelve different, high-quality products in Dark Grey, and White to make your bathroom an oasis of style. 

  1. Shower Squeegee ReNew, with door hook - Soft Beige
  2. Bathroom Caddy ReNew - Soft Beige
  3. Toilet Roll Holder ReNew - Soft Beige
  4. Bathroom Scales ReNew, battery Powered - Soft Beige
  5. Soap Dish ReNew - Soft Beige
  6. Soap Dispenser ReNew - Soft Beige
  7. Toothbrush Holder ReNew, with insert - Soft Beige
  8. Towel Hooks ReNew - Set of 2, screws and tape included - Soft Beige
  9. Toilet Roll Dispenser ReNew, for 3 spare rolls - Soft Beige
  10. Bathroom Accessory Set ReNew, Set of 3 - Soft Beige
  11. Toilet Accessory Set ReNew, Set of 3 - Soft Beige


Start your day bright eyed and bushy-tailed with everything in its place and place for everything. This accessory set of three in Dark Grey or White contains a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder and a tray to put them on or use separately. This little trio keeps your washbasin neat and tidy!


Does the clutter in your bathroom weigh on you? These Digital Bathroom Scales in Dark Grey or White with their truly minimalist design will lighten your load! The extra-large LED display is easy to read, but invisible when not in use. Step on the easy-to-clean glass platform, read the number, step off and have a good day. Slim, sleek and oh-so-stylish!


This top trio is here to give your smallest room an easy do-over. So enjoy your privacy and take your time in style with the Toilet Brush, Toilet Roll Holder and Toilet Roll Dispenser. Not too keen on drilling? The Toilet Roll Holder can be mounted with screws or tape - both included. Everything you need to style up your toilet.


The story behind ReNew

"With the ReNew collection, we wanted to create bathroom accessories that combine elegance, functionality and quality. With the team, we looked into the habits of people in their bathroom. What products they use during their bathroom ritual and how we can help them to make this ritual more enjoyable. The result is a wide range of aesthetic products that bring practicality and organisation to any bathroom. Thanks to the sleek, minimalistic lines of this range of products, this ReNew collection was born."

Enjoy restyling your bathroom with the ReNew collection.