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Rotary washing lines

Our rotary washing lines

Choosing a rotary washing line to dry your clothes outside is a good move for the planet. All of our rotary dryers come with a long warranty, so you won’t need to replace them very often, and a partnership with WeForest, so you know that your purchase has gone the extra mile. 

  • Easy opening Umbrella system for standalone lines
  • Large drying space across taut non-slip lines
  • Stable and designed to withstand the weather and UV

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  1. Rotary Dryer Lift-O-Matic 50 metre, with Ground Spike, Ø 45 mm - Leaf Green
    Available in 4 colors
    In stock
  2. Rotary Essential 50 metres, with Ground Tube, Ø 35 mm - Metallic Grey
    In stock

Keep Your Dryer Stable with Our Rotary Washing Line and Spikes

Windy weather can be perfect for getting your washing dry, but you need to keep it off the ground too. Our Brabantia rotary washing line spikes keep your rotary line dryer stable and secure in the ground, with no risk of your washing landing in a puddle. Our rotary dryer lines and spikes offer:

  • Stability for your dryer
  • Long warranty for peace of mind
  • Designs to suit different rotary dryers
  • Multiple sizes to suit your garden or balcony


Choosing the right rotary dryer for your needs

Our Brabantia range of rotary dryers ensures plenty of choice for different households. When choosing a new rotary dryer or washing line there are many considerations to keep in mind. Considerations to keep in mind include how large you need your rotary dryer to be, how many arms you need it to have and the overall look and design.

Our range of rotary dryers includes many different sizes and types of dryers, including those that attached to walls and freestanding models, as well as those you need to secure into the ground. Keep these top considerations in mind when selecting your dryer.


Opting for a free standing rotary washing line

The Brabantia range of airers and dryers includes both freestanding and wall-mounted models. The best option for you will depend on the dimensions of your garden and other factors such as how much sun or wind your property gets. We stock a range of wall-mounted dryers as well as several free standing rotary washing line options. The different sizes ensure there is an option to suit all balconies and gardens.


Choose the number of arms you need on your dryer

Brabantia’s range of rotary washing lines and dryers are all equipped with multiple arms to allow you to dry a range of garments at any given time. Our freestanding models are 4 arm rotary washing line dryers while our wall-mounted models offer a 3 arm washing line. If the number of arms is a vital consideration for your dryer then be sure to check the options available before making a final decision.


Small rotary washing lines or large rotary washing lines

The extensive nature of the Brabantia rotary washing line range means you can find the right size of rotary washing line for your needs. Our range includes compact rotary washing lines for small gardens and also longer up to 40m rotary washing lines for larger spaces. You can explore the sizes available and see which is best suited to your garden or outdoor laundry space.



Choose height adjustable rotary washing lines

Being able to select the right height and position of your dryer can be really handy for ensuring it fits well in your space. Brabantia stocks a range of height adjustable rotary washing lines so you can adjust the height and positioning of your dryer to suit your requirements. Our Lift-O-Matic and Lift-O-Matic Advance dryers are both height adjustable for convenience and to match your ideal working height.



Choose an airer for drying to suit you

The Great British weather means it isn’t always possible to dry clothes outside. However, with the Brabantia range you can find drying racks which are ideal for laundry during the colder and wetter months. Our rotary dryers are specifically outdoor airers, designed for using in your yard or garden. For indoor drying you should opt for a rack or indoor airer.


Opt for air drying, the sustainable choice for your laundry

While many households invest in a tumble dryer, air drying and using rotary dryers is much more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Your rotary dryer uses only the natural elements, including the win and sun, to get your clothes fully dried and ready to wear. Tumble dryers use additional resources including electricity and the additional cost, so opting for a rotary dryer is both cost-effective and sustainable.

The range of airers and dryers available means you can find a product to suit your home or garden, with our full collection delivering a range of sizes and styles to suit different spaces, including your garden, outdoor yaes space or utility area.


Stock up on essential rotary airer accessories

As well as your rotary dryer, Brabantia stock an extensive range of accessories for your dryer too. The most important accessory most people look for is a rotary cover for their airer, ensuring its kept dry and clean when not in use. If you opt for some models of dryer, you will also need a washing line spike to secure your airer and keep it sturdy in the ground.

These accessories help ensure you get the most from your rotary dryer and can use it effectively for many years to come.