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A drying rack for the garden, in the attic or in the laundry room: you can position them anywhere. Drying racks are flexible, sturdy and easy to store. And drying on a drying rack is even more fun if you know how much electricity this saves you compared to a dryer. There are different types and sizes, which one is your favourite?

All types of drying racks

Brabantia has drying racks in all kinds of shapes. It just depends on what you like and what will fit in your home. Do you have a large laundry room and can you fit a lot in there? Then a T - Model drying rack is just the thing for you: a wide drying rack with adjustable side pieces, on which you can dry a mountain of laundry! There are also many ideal solutions for those with a smaller laundry room. You can also choose a drying tower: a tall drying rack on which you can dry all your laundry too, even long garments such as trousers and dresses. Or how about a hanging drying rack? You can easily attach this to a door, a wall, railing or other objects to 11 cm thick. Ideal for all the laundry you would like to dry flat. Whatever your needs, Brabantia has the drying rack for you. Discover your drying rack and order it online, fast and free delivery and 5 years warranty.

Use a drying rack outdoors?

Brabantia drying racks are fully resistant to (English) weather, strong and sturdy, but it's also easy to move and open. What if it starts raining? Our DISCOVER OUR WALL DRYING RACKS laundry dryers have a simple transport lock, so you can easily get them inside, even if they are hanging completely full. Their sturdy leg protectors keep your floor clean. And when everything is dry, you just fold up your drying rack and store it, so simple.

Drying tower

The drying tower offers 23 meters of flexible drying space and only need one square meter floor space in return. You can hang the complete content of your washing machine, there is enough space, even for long garments such as pants. And you dry your delicate items flat on the platforms. Unfold the drying tower, and hang it out. Drying has never been easier!

Drying rack T-model

This drying rack has adjustable side pieces, floor protection and a transport lock. It offers 20 metres of drying space and is available in various colours. Sturdy, stable and suitable for drying the longest pants to that single, lonely sock. And as with all our drying racks, you will also get a 5 year warranty on this.

Wall drying rack 

Are you looking for a wall-mounted drying rack? There are various models at Brabantia! A wall dryer is not the same thing for everyone. At Brabantia, you have a choice between a compact drying rack to fit against the wall, a larger model, the WallFix, and a pull-out clothes line. So there is an ideal wall dryer for every household. Read more about the different types of wall drying racks of Brabantia!


A sturdy and large wall drying rack: that's the WallFix from Brabantia. The WallFix is ideal for households that doesn't have space for a rotary clothesline in the garden, but would like to dry their washing outside. But also for those with a smaller laundry area that doesn't have space on the ground, but they do on the wall. The WallFix can easily be retracted again when the washing is removed. Handy, compact and always ready: that's the WallFix!

Linn kledingrek 

Do you need some decorative storage space? Linn is ready for you! With a solid bamboo rod and two height-adjustable shelves, Linn remains standing under all circumstances and in every décor. Use it as a wardrobe rack, drying rack, airing rack, as a storage rack or just to decorate your room.

Hanging drying rack

So you don't have enough doors and heaters over which to hang your washing? Or are you just looking for a colourful solution to dry your sweaters lying flat? Brabantia's drying rack is a smart solution and available in multiple colours. This handy and small drying rack offers you 4.5 metres of clothesline, is easy to hang and fits on doors, walls to 11 cm thick and everything in between. A dream of a drying rack!

Retractable clotheslines

A lot of laundry? Then how about just pulling out some extra drying space? Brabantia's clothesline roll fits between two walls, with up to 4.4 metres spacing. The supple system offers you 22 meters of clothesline and the automatic blocking system ensures this is always stretched tight. Ideal for the bathroom, but also for other laundry or clothes spaces!

Drying rack promotions

Looking for a drying rack on promotion? Brabantia regularly has special offers on various products, including drying racks! Keep the promotions page in mind. If your ideal drying rack is not included, check out all Brabantia's drying racks.

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