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5 handy kitchen sink accessories for your kitchen

Your kitchen sink is like a desk, you want to be able to work there right away, and know exactly where everything is. But you also want plenty of space. Fortunately, many households have a dishwasher, so that's already a very nice 'storage cabinet' to create that space on your kitchen sink counter. If you don't have this space (because not every counter top is the same size), then your workspace simply needs to be set up efficiently.

Everyone also wants to be able to cut, chop, knead, marinate and much more, hassle free. So how do you do that? With the right kitchen sink counter accessories, of course! We would like to help you on your way with 5 handy must-have kitchen items in or on your kitchen sink counter.

Tasty and efficient cooking starts with an organised kitchen sink counter

1. Draining racks and mats

No dishwasher? Then draining racks and draining mats are your best friend. With a busy life, it is nice to be able to literally and figuratively put aside all the dishes after washing. These draining racks and mats have a handy container for the cutlery and a sloping mat that guides the water to the sink.

2. Kitchen sink counter waste bin

Anyone who prepares food, even if it's just a salad or a sandwich, has waste. Where do you leave the seeds, peels, food scraps and more? It is handy to have the waste bin close to the kitchen sink, but a waste bin on the counter is even better. Buying tip: the lid of this waste bin has a handy 'open position' so you don't have to open the lid all the time.

3. Dishwasher bowl

A dishwasher bowl is one of the first household products you bring into your home. It is a handy 'collector' of dirty dishes during the day. The dirty coffee cups, plates and other crockery can then be lifted out of the sink if you need to get to the tap. This dishwasher bowl with draining tray is the ideal two-in-one solution. The draining tray can be removed from the dishwasher bowl and used separately.

4. Kitchen sink tray

A kitchen sink tray actually has the same function as the handy tray in the bathroom, for all your bathroom accessories. However, these counter trays can also be hung in the sink. There are holes in the bottom of the tray for the water running into the sink. If you prefer to put the sink tray on the counter, there's a water collection tray too.

5. Dishwashing brush

The dishwashing brush is a simple household product, but these days, you no longer only have the old-fashioned dishwashing brush. How about a dishwashing brush with a soap dispenser? Or the classic dishwashing brush, but with a hanging system?

A carefree and organised kitchen sink counter

Do you believe your kitchen life can also be more hands-on? Then we'll give you another excellent tip on purchasing kitchen sink counter accessories for your kitchen: our new Sink side product line.